Musselburgh Movers


I’ve made a decision not to be betting a penny today because of all the rain that has fallen. I simply do not trust a going description after so much wet stuff has hit a track and that it took Catterick two races yesterday before they changed their going description to heavy, was bordering on criminal. I knew how that place would be riding the night before and I live miles away from the place. I advised Post Racing subscribed members that the only bet they should consider was a 20/80 ZIP and he landed that “80”, coming home second @ 15/2.

On top of that, it’s donkey racing and indicative of just how many bad horses are in training right now.

I’m just looking at how the markets are reacting and below you have their thoughts, not mine….no shooting this messenger.

In the 1-00pm it’s just two horses for money, BULLS AYE 9/4 > 7/4 and HEIGHTS OF ABRAHAM, who is fluctuating between 5/2 and 15/8….currently that shorter price. A dutch might well see you at the pay window.

Four have been pulled out of the 1-30pm and all I’m seeing is adjustments….a no bet race.

It is the same story come 2-00pm as four have also come out of that race and it’s simply adjustments taking place….a no bet race.

The 2-30pm sees SIGNIFICANTLY trading around 1/2, with DIGITAL 2/1. It is 11/1 bar that pair, JACATTACK 20/1 > 11/1 third favourite. It is a race you play only if you “need” to bet.

Two have been pulled out so far at 3-00pm and it’s possible more will do the same, once they have seen the true state of the ground. Again, those non-runners have caused adjustment and it’s a Class 6 that’ll quite possibly throw up another of those funky results we saw at Catterick yesterday.

Four more have been declared non-runners at 3-30pm and it’s the main trend up there. It’s not a case of anything moving right now, just the markets altering to fit. I’d need to know for sure that nothing else is going to come out before I could frame this race, regardless of the ground and as I believe at least one, possibly two more will abstain, I’m out of there.

Just three non-runners at 4-05pm….so far. It’s another Class 6 minger and you are welcome to it.

Yep, three more non-runners at 4-35pm and it seems the sensible are staying at home today. This is a Class 6 in Class 5 clothing. The Racing Post Verdict suggests that this is the now favourite, NAKEETA’s time of year. It might be, but this horse is also 0-2 on the going as currently described, and 0-12 at the trip? The horse has not won since 2017 and it’s trading the 9/4 favourite? Some people really do need their bumps feeling.

Just two non-runners in the finale….so far. It’s Class 6 and the current favourite, KODIAC LASS, has raced 14 times to date and won once on the all weather in April last year. The horse is 0-4 on turf. Will anyone seriously want to be betting this afternoon?

Best of luck to all that play today because by crikey, you are going to need a dose of that right enough!

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