Haydock and Ascot morning “movers”


With more rain falling on Haydock Park last night (another 2mm), it’s prudent to stick to what has been working, ignore rating races and trust to the markets to get it right. Plenty of those to advise of both from the list I sent out to Post Racing subscribed members earlier and those that have occurred since the names of those “magnificent seven” were delivered to inboxes all over the world.

I’ll start at Haydock, with news of a serious “mover” in the opener at 1-10pm. FANCY MAN, opened 7/4 > 11/10….Ryan Moore takes the ride for Hannon and the players are all over it.

KHALOOSY was advised the mover at 1-45pm and earlier this morning Post Racing members were advised 11/4 > 2/1….best you’ll get as I type is 13/8. It really does pay to ne a subscribed Post Racing member because these fractions can make a lot of difference at the end of a years punting.

If you listened to the Post Racing Podcast yesterday, you would have head Sean Trivass and I advising how to work this race, with a suggestion from yours truly that a long priced one here has a squeak, from a stats angle.


Only five go to post at 2-15pm but punters have most definitely latched on to ARTHURIAN FABLE, since 8-00am this morning. That market was relatively quiet up until that point but the Meehan trained runner is 3/1 > 9/4, with the rest drifting.

The 1 mile 6 furlongs of the Old Borough Cup is going to take some getting and my vision is of 17 horses being strung out all over Lancashire, come 3-00pm. The mover overnight was definitely RHYTHMIC INTENT – 13/2 > 10/3 but that one has now eased out a tad, 4/1 freely available. I personally very rarely get involved in such races (financially), and I imagine in the run up to the event, a good few will be backed. A 20/80 that one named, will hopefully give those playing, a small profit.

We have covered the Sprint Cup in the Podcast (well worth a listen!), and Sean and I are very much at odds about one. We shall see who is right, come 3-30pm.

Overnight punters came in strong for CAME IN THE DARK, who had opened 11/1 and was smashed in to 6/1….now 11/2. Two have since been nibbled at, APLOMB 8/1 > 11/2 > 6/1….and JABBAROCKIE 10/1 > 13/2.

A three horse dutch produces profit so that would be my advice.

Two horses for money in the finale at 4-35pm.

I advised Post Racing subscribed members this morning that IMPERIAL COMMAND had been supported overnight….6/1 > 7/2 and I’m now seeing MOSTAWAA also gaining momentum in the market….7/1 > 5/1.

MIKMAK is also being nibbled at, although not a mover in the true sense of the word. I’d be thinking you could do a lot worse than dutch that trio.

Ascot is my kind of meeting….handicap, after handicap, after handicap, but all of a decent Class and we came so close to landing winners at 25/1 and 13/2 from the three Rated races produced yesterday.

I have four rated there today but the first on the card is a juvenile event. The market is static here, nothing fancied as such and for sure, one you watch and make notes for future reference. That’s all I’ll be doing with it.

LOVE IS YOU was the overnight Market Mover 6/1 > 5/2 but since I had my porridge, MONSOON MOON has been the horse for cash….11/4 > 2/1, with LOVE IS YOU now around 3/1.

A dutch looks set to pay.

The first of my Rated races at 1-55pm and my morning mover, which also sits in my top three rated, is still being backed. MUBAALEGH opened 12/1, was 9/1 at 8-00am and now 5/1 is the best on offer. A proper “mover” in a race a few are being nibbled at….I’ll just work my figures.

My second race for rating arrives at 2-30pm and with the morning favourite having been pulled out, I’m seeing plenty of tissue adjustment, but no mover as such. I’m thinking a 3-y-o wins this, I’m thinking it’s one of the two in my top three rated and so, I’ll just work my figures again here.

I’m seeing a good few attracting money at 3-05pm and it’s another race I have decided to just watch. If I had to name one of more interest than most, it would be SHANDOZ, 7/1 > 5/1….but as I say, I’m seeing a few of a similar ilk.

The 3-40pm is a cracker….not as much of a cracker as the 4-15pm….but still, a cracker.

I had JONAH JONES named as a mover in the morning Newsletter, 15/2 > 5/1 and having shortened further (4/1), he is now 9/2….but sill strong. MAY SONIC is 6/1, having opened 3/1, but SPANISH CITY is now 7/1, having been 10/1 this morning.

RATHBONE is also being supported, 14/1 > 9/1 and GOLDEN APOLLO 11/1 > 8/1….just 11 going to post but the market says plenty have a winning chance.

I’m going to be brave, play my top three to a dutch, with JONAH JONES, my original OMM, making it four in that bet.

What a race they finish with here. You can keep your Group 1’s….this is “proper”.

My top rated is VIA SERENDIPITY, this horse was the only horse to get through my NEW EDGE selection filters, and, he’s now “moving”….7/1 > 4/1 since my morning Newsletter went out.

I have seven of this field having obtained a + figure, it’s a seriously smokey race and if I can snaffle a profit from it, I’ll be chuffed….even more chuffed if Hayley can get my top rated home in first place again.

Best of luck!

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