Doncaster, Haydock and Chepstow “movers” and shakers!


Three meetings for me to go through for you today but I would again like to advise that everything that goes up on this website only does so because people feel it is worth reading and, are prepared to make a small donation to keep us alive and kicking.

I’ve invited my subscribed membership to set up a small recurring monthly donation of £10 per month (30p per day), and the way I look at it is, if the work produced for you doesn’t see you make much more than that at the end of a month, we are wasting our time anyway!


1-00 – My Post Racing subscribed membership were advised earlier today that BELLATRIXSA had moved overnight – 5/2 > 6/4. Nothing is currently being backed to beat it, although I am seeing e.w. money for SELECTO….10/1 > 8/1.

1-30 – It might only be a Class 5 but it’s a seriously competitive looking race, with 14 going to post. I’m seeing two or there fluctuating but if I were looking to call one a “mover”, it would be UGO GREGORY, 11/1 > 15/2. Several have come in for support and then drifted again….I’d say the one named would be a 20/80.

2-00 – RICH DREAM is the only one punters want here, 5/4 > 5/6, with the rest drifting and even the clear second favourite, BARNEY’S BOY, is friendless 13/8 > 5/2. The favourite looks to be the play.

2-30 – The first of my five rated races from this meeting and my top rated horse has been backed in from 11/4 > 9/4. Punters want just this horse, the rest on the drift and for me, it’s a dutch to Stake Management rules and very much in the expectation of drawing a profit from it.

3-00 – Three have been pulled out here and the markets have simply adjusted, nothing more. I’m again very much expecting my dutch to produce profit from my top three rated horses.

3-35 – Only six going to post here and with my top pais heading the tissue, and one of those, ARABIST, an OMM, I will simply dutch that pair to make my profit. The 13/2 about ARABIST was taken overnight, best now would be around 4/1. In truth, not a lot between this field as they 3/1 the favourite, 15/2 the outsider. Good, competitive event.

4-05 – PROCLAIMER was the horse for money overnight – 9/1 > 5/1….now 6/1 in most places. The 3-y-o’s dominate the market, with the four taking part currently 5/2, 7/2, 5/1, 6/1….9/1 bar, the older horses. I’m preparing an article on how dominant 3-y-o’s are in all aged handicaps and it should help us all turn a profit from flat racing next season.

The money horse now is the top rated horse on my Ratings – QASBAZ – 15/2 > 7/2 and I’m again just going to work this race to Stake Management rules….and do expect to make a profit from it.

4-40 – The last race on the card and, my final rated race, too. My top rated horse, and the one I had expected to win, TEMPER TRAP, has been withdrawn and the market has adjusted accordingly. Having said that, KUWAIT SHIELD has all the look of a “mover” – 11/2 > 3/1….more than a mere adjustment

I’m going to work that horse into my own dutch with FROZEN WATERS and EVENING SPIRIT….if one of those 3-y-o’s doesn’t win this, the market and I, will be surprised.


1-10 – I’ll not waste our time with this.

1-40 – MEU AMOR was all the rage overnight, 10/1 > 5/1 and the best you can have now is 4/1. It is the only horse punters want to know at this point in time and I’m on 20/80.

2-10 – One of two wins this and if money talks, it’ll be INDIGO GIRL 7/2 > 11/4. However, the favourite, ZABEEL QUEEN,isn’t weak by any stretch of the imagination. Dutch that pair to profit.

2-40 – Since the morning Newsletter went out to Post Racing subscribed members earlier today, this market has kicked off….MAJOR JUMBO 7/1 > 9/2….is all the rage and nowt else for a penny. I’ve gone 20/80 the Ryan runner.

3-15 – BELIEVE IN LOVE is a very strong favourite here and nothing is being backed to beat her. It’s 6/4 about the Varian runner, 11/2 bar that one and whilst betting on races run over these marathon trips have no betting appeal for me, she does look a very good favourite and a banker for Plaecpot purposes.

3-45 – It’s another Varian runner here, being punted like a good thing. Post Racing subscribed members were advised earlier of this move 5/1 > 7/2 and best price now is 3/1.

EASTERN WORLD has gone 9/2, having opened 13/2 and PERSUASION is 9/1 from an opening show of 14/1 but wearing cheekpieces first time, it’s JUMAIRA BAY for me….20/80.

4-15 – My only rated race here today and the only 3-y-o in the race, impossible to produce an accurate figure for, is FRESH. It’s 2/1 she wins, 13/2 bar the field.

Two have come out so the four places have gone but personally, I’ve decided to simply do as Stake Management suggests and see what happens.


1-50 – A Class 6 Nursery. I can think of no worse way to start a meeting and as for betting on it, I’ll do as punters up and down the land seem to be doing…nothing.

2-20 – ASK THE WIND is attracting support here, 7/1 > 9/2….the favourite, IL BANDITO, opened 4/6 but you can have evens now and they don’t want it.

It’s again not a race I’ll play my self but the Carroll runner is shaping like a 20/80 at the very least.

2-50 – Division 1 of another Class 6 and this is why I’ve only one rated from here, too….shocking racing. They are after RED BRAVO – 11/2 > 7/2 and he did run well at this track last time out….a 20/80 if you’ve got nothing better to do with your money.

3-25 – The second leg of this Mickey Mouse affair. It’s another Tony Carroll runner they are supporting, UNDER CURFEW 5/1 > 10/3 and not a sausage for anything else….you need to NEED to have a bet to play these races really but if that’s your thing, a 20/80 to pennies would be my best advice.

3-55 – My own personal “bet of the day”….GAMBON….top rated, money for it 5/1 > 11/4 and only ZAPPER CASS, my second highest rated, seein support of any kind at all….7/1 > 11/2. The rest are drifting so if I lose money here, it wasn’t just me that read the signs wrong!

4-30 – Another Class 6 Nursery. Two are being backed here to the exclusion of everything else, VIVACIOUS BOY 11/4 > 9/4 and MYBOYMAX 7/1 > 10/2….dutch?….maybe.

5-05 – Another Class 6….12 moose go to post here. They cannot give WIFF WAFF away….13/8 > 11/4 and this market looks bonkers. WILD FLOWER 6/1 > 9/2, BLUEBELL TIME 12/1 > 8/1 and….wait for it….SHAUN’S DELIGHT 50/1 > 16/1.

I’ve just seen money now coming for ESSAKA….14/1 > 8/1….thing is, if you put this lot together you’d not come out with a racehorse. I’ll just watch to see if that 50/1 > 16/1 shot does anything.

5-40 – They finish with a Class 5 maiden. Another 13 moose they’ve found from somewhere and called it a “race”. BEHOLDEN has had just one run, finished second and punters have said, “he’ll do!”….7/2 > 9/4….I’m seeing him as the only horse they want to play here. The morning favourite, BY STARLIGHT 15/8 > 11/4….totally friendless.

I guess if a 20/80 produces profit from a place, BEHOLDEN it is.

Be lucky!

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