The end of a manic four days with all 29 races looked over!


The last day of a completely manic three days, that has seen me meeting myself coming back several times. We have been overloaded with racing but still, the results have been produced from the Ratings and the Market Movers.

I’ll start by going through the Doncaster meeting and in the opening race at 1-15pm the drifter is my top rated, MAGICAL MORNING….3/1 > 4/1. The horse more fancied right now are MATTHEW FLINDERS, who is fluctuating more than “moving”, LA TRINIDAD, who was shuffling between 11/2 and 6/1, before suddenly hitting 9/2.

DIOCLES OF ROME has attracted a fair deal of support and 12/1 > 8/1, suggests he is the “mover” in this event. I have him poorly drawn and he also needs to show this is his ground.

The winner comes from the four mentioned, or we have another ridiculous Doncaster result on our hands.

In the podcast yesterday Sean and I both came down on the side of ALBASHEER in the 1-50pm. CHINDIT was the horse for money overnight but now they are coming for ALBASHEER 15/8 > 6/4. One of the pair wins this race and I’m still with ALBASHEER, for the reasons given in the podcast yesterday.

Sean might think me sacrilegious but I’d rather spend two hours trying to work out a race like the 2-25pm here, than spend 15 minutes sorting out a Group 1. It is true though, I would!

I like my figures for this race, all three of those sitting top of my numbers are being supported to some degree, but if you want the “mover”, that would be DANZENO 14/1 > 8/1

WICHITA is the horse being supported in the 3-00pm….7/2 > 11/4. I’d still suggest trying to snaffle a profit from the dutch, as was advised in the Podcast and ONE MASTER would still be my preferred if I wanted one for a 20/80.

I’ve no reason to change my mind about the St Leger. In the Podcast I simply say I’d go 20/80 SANTIAGO, because he is the only runner proven at the trip. The “mover” is definitely GALILEO CHROME, as was advised to Post Racing subscribed members earlier this morning….7/1 > 4/1.

The only horse for money at 4-05 is LEGEND OF DUBAI 5/2 > 6/4 and the rest are drifting….looks a strong favourite.

AL MUFRIH is 13/8 > 5/4 at 5-15pm and the other four are looking for their horse boxes if the market is right. MANKAYAN, the original tissue favourite, is now 3/1 having opened 6/4 and they cannot give it away.

Some good racing at Chester but I do think connections of horses that get a double figure drawn, and then take their horses out, should be fined for doing so. They know when they enter what the script is with this track. The only other thing I can suggest is that Chester are limited to single figure entries for each race….today they had two with double figure field sizes and three of the 14 have come out at 4-20pm (drawn 11, 13, 14), and in my rated race at 4-50pm, two, drawn 11, 12 have been pulled, from the 12 set to race originally….I mean, what’s the point?

SANDS IN TIME is the mover at 1-30pm….13/8 > 6/5 and they want nothing else there.

In the five runner race at 2-05pm, it’s all ALIGNAK, 2/1 > 6/4….they are tickling away at HEREBY 5/1 > 11/2 > 9/2….but MORANDO is a drifter 7/4 > 9/4

BE MORE is my top rated horse at 2-40pm….7/1 > 5/1 and I’m happy to work my figures here.

Not a lot to report regarding the 3-15pm or at 3-45pm either, both small field races and of no real interest to me.

The 4-20pm race, however, I’m loving it. Despite the cowards taking three out because of a high draw, I’m still seeing a cracking good race on paper. My guts told me BRIAN THE SNAIL had a squeak and he rated 2nd best on my figures….14/1 > 7/1 and whilst he’s one of four running for Marwan Koukash, he’s definitely the best supported. I’ll go with my figures here.

SOCIETY RED has been smashed off the boards since my morning Newsletter went out, 12/1 > 5/1. I had no strong opinion on this race before I saw that move and he will come into my dutch. I do think my top rated will run a good race from that decent draw.


No fan of this track and in the 2-45pm race, which I’ve rated, we have seven of the nine going to post, all 3-y-o’s that I cannot get a proper handle on. We’ll need the market to giude us here and it’s all HER INDOORS….11/4 > 13/8….LADY ISABEL is now 6/1 from 10/1 and I’d be trusting the market over my figures here, for sure….they ain’t worth a carrot.

Nothing inspiring going on at 3-20pm but HICONIC has seen support 10/3 > 15/8, at 3-50pm. It’s a Class 6…enough said.

PORTUGUESEPRINCESS is 4/1 having opened 9/1 and looks a proper punt in the 4-25pm. A 20/80 for sure.

I’ll just be working my figures at 5-00pm….my top three sit in the top four on the tissue and that bolsters confidence. MAGICAL RIDE is being circled by the players, opened 13/2 > 5/1 > 11/2….first time visor and is interesting.

Only LITTLE ROLLRIGHT interests the players at 5-30pm….6/4 > 6/5….looks a very strong favourite as everything else is getting sand kicked into their faces by that one, in the market.

Another Hannon “mover” in the last on the card….WHAT AN ANGEL 6/1 > 4/1F….a 3-y-o that sits fourth best on my numbers and I’ll do exactly what Stake Management tells me to do here.


I love this place. My “Newbury of the north”

SCARBOROUGHDEBUT is the mover at 3-30pm….5/1 > 7/2….the least exposed of the four heading the tissue and I’d be happy going 20/80.

Two have come out of the 4-00pm and I’m only seeing adjustments there so we move on to my first rated race at 4-35pm and it is an absolute beauty. I had eight of the 12 runners getting a plus figure this morning but two have now been taken out and really, I should revisit it for Ratings purposes as my fourth and fith highest rated don’t turn up now.

I honestly think any of the front seven on the tissue could win this and not cause a shock…so I’m just going to work with what my figures say and take it on the chin.

At 5-10pm they are piling into SQUELCH….5/4 > 8/11….but I’ll just be watching.

The 5-40pm is my second rated race here and there was the mother and father of a move for FRED overnight 10/1 > 3/1….it is now 5/1 and the only one being backed now is ROUSAYAN….10/1 > 15/2

Again, I’ll just do as my figures tell me because they very rarely let me down here.

The 6-15pm is a Class 6 and the punters have it declared off limits…not a sausage or a bean for anything.

They end this card with a divided Class 6 and in the first leg the mover advised this morning, to Post Racing subscribed members, was CINDY LOOPER 12/1 > 7/1….now 13/2, so they still want it.

JOYFUL STAR is attracting support now, too….14/1 > 8/1….but you have to remember….Class 6.

They’ll finish this card with the headlights on! Nothing at all is attracting steady cash so we’ll finish on a low and just let it happen.

Best of luck!

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