Three meetings of pure dross but hopefully we find some brass in the muck!


It is horrendous racing again to kick off the week and we kick off with a Class 6 Auction Stakes at Thirsk, the 1-00pm event though seeing one horse attracting support.

JACAKAN was advised to Post Racing subscribed members this morning….5/1 > 7/2. Now the best you can get is 3/1 and the market sees it as a two horse race, JACAKAN and JUST FRANK. A dutch looks profitable.

Three are now moving in the Class 5 at 1-30pm. MORETTI – 12/1 > 7/1, RUM RUNNER – 22/1 > 11/1 and UPSTAGING – 16/1 > 11/1. I’ve no opinion on the race myself but of that trio MORETTI does look “proper”.

The 2-05 is a static market so nothing appeals as a play there and it’s a case of the same at 2-40pm, for the Class 6 Nursery.

A Class 6 Seller at 3-15pm….I did tell you how bad today’s racing is, didn’t I? They have nibbled at KYLLACHY WARRIOR here, 12/1 > 7/1f….but you trust these horses as far as you can throw one. A no bet race this end.

Five go to post at 3-45pm and we have a favourite trading 1/25….no, you have read that right….1/25. Ridiculous.

A divided Class 6 next but we have a right old steamer in the 4-15pm…..advised this morning to Post Racing Subscribed members 12/1 > 9/1, the best price you can get about CHIEF CRAFTSMAN now is 11/2. They are nibbling at EAGLE’S FOOT, 6/1 > 4/1. I’m not sure how much I’d want on a six year old, nine times raced maiden, but someone clearly believes this is CHIEF CRAFTSMAN’s day.

It’s another Tim Easterby runner in the 4-45pm attracting support and it’s BOLLIN MARGARET – 11/4 > 2/1 and strong.

Two others have seen a few quid lashed at them, POINT OF HONOUR 6/1 > 5/2 and BY JOVE, 11/2 > 9/2 and if a three horse dutch produces profit, that might be best advised.

Bath had gone Bath “firm” and we are seeing horses at big prices backed in the opened, INVINCIBLE SOLDIER 12/1 > 15/2 and DIAMOND BAY 14/1 > 8/1. Of that pair the first named would be interesting as it’s also in my New Edge selections and this is a new filter I’m applying from today. Let’s see how it goes.

At 3-05pm, it looks like they’ve sorted it out….IMPULSIVE ONE 13/8 > 10/11 and everything else is taking a walk in the market.

The 3-35pm was interesting this morning, simply because I had three in my New Edge section, in this race….two are now being punted DARGEL 11/1 > 6/1, and CAPTAIN CLARET 4/1 > 5/2…..I’ll dutch, to pence as opposed to £’s.

CHIL CHIL is wanted in the 4-05pm…9/4 > 7/4 but I’m also seeing support for WALK ON WATER, 25/1 > 10/1. The New Edge selection here, MOTAGALLY, is drifting….11/8 > 2/1. I’ll be thinking CHIL CHIL will take the race.

Two horses for money in the 4-35pm….SO SHARP 13/2 > 9/2 and TOP BREEZE….15/2 > 9/2 and with the favourite, UNION ROSE, drifting 11/4 > 4/1, I’ll dutch the pair being backed.

The only horse I’d spotted up as an OMM at this meeting, ZUCKERBERG, has been pulled, as have two others and, with the markets simply adjusting, and with it being Class 6, I’ll leave it be.

I’m all over MR MILLARCKY….as, so it would appear, is everybody else. I have this one top rated…clear….it is an OMM….5/2 > 2/1 > 6/4….and it was the only horse to pass through the New Edge selections filters….everything else is drifting so, it cannot lose….can it?

A Class 6 Auction Stakes at 2-20pm and everything is on the drift….nobody wants anything to do with it.

Last week we had some joy from the OMM, STOPNSEARCH….and they want it again today, in the 2-55pm event…..3/1 > 9/4….but one is now also being punted to e.w. money, HI HO SILVER 16/1 > 7/1….it’s a Class 6, and trying to get such horses to perform in the same way two races running requires an alchemist but I’ll have a little bit on STOPNSEARCH.

CLAREYBLUE is the runner for money in the 3-25pm….7/2 > 5/2 > 2/1, and it’s one of five 3-y-o’s in a six runner race….in such races, even if I’ve rated them (as I have this one), I trust the market over my figures, every time.

Another Class 6 at 3-55pm but punters seem to be with HARROGATE, 3/1 > 2/1 and not a bean for anything else. I’ll have a little straight win punt.

Yet another Class 6 at 4-25pm….spoiling us, aren’t they! Nothing is being touched here and I’ll echo that at this end.

We finish with a diabolical Class 6 Apprentice Selling Handicap….but someone, somewhere, is all over HACKBRIDGE.

I advised Post Racing subscribed members this morning about this one….25/1 > 10/1….well, they are still coming for it….now 8/1.

This thing last won a race of any description, on the Lingfield sands in 2018, since when it has been hurdling, raced over a variety of trips, on a variety of surfaces, and done nothing….true though, he has been competing in slightly higher grade and this race is an absolute dog of an event.

Best of luck to you….you’ll need it!

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