Late today….all will be explained later!


I’ve had a couple of very interesting conversations today, that has meant I’m miles behind. Apologies….but you’ll find out all about them at a later date.

Starting at Beverley….1-15pm….odds on favourite on the drift, slight move for COBWEB CORNER but not a race I’m looking to play, ay all.

TAHONTA has been supported at 1-50pm….2/1 > 6/4 and looks a strong favourite.

All I’m seeing at 2-25pm is a slight weakness in the tissue favourite, ZEYAADAH 4/6 > 5/6 but nothing is being supported to beat it. It’s another race I’ll simply watch.

SOLID GOLD looks just that if the market is right about the 3-00pm – 9/4 > 11/8….also seeing some support for SIM CARD, too….10/1 > 13/2. Again though, not a race I’m particularly interested in parting with cash.

Three have been taken out of the 3-35pm and it’s simply market adjustments taking place so another I’ll skip. FIVE HELMETS is 9/1 > 9/2 and looks a “kosher” punt and might be a 20/80 for those interested in playing this race.

The winner of the 4-05pm is COTTAM LANE….if the market is correct….6/4 > 4/6, with not a penny piece for anything else. JACATTACK isn’t weak against it and looks booked for second place….CSF?

I mentioned to Sean Trivass last night that I fancied GINGER JAM to run a big race today (4-35pm), and it sits top rated. It has crashed in from 7/1 > 10/3f but I’m also seeing money for MUSHARRIF (16/1 > 8/1), and that one sits fifth best on my numbers. I’ll look at a four horse dutch, or drop LINE OF REASON, who has a pig of a draw and, is just 1-24 on the going as currently described…we’ll see.

Earlier this year we saw a move for STONE MASON and the money was left with the layers. They are coming for it again today, in the 5-05pm…3/1 > 9/4.

IFTON, 7/1 > 9/2, is the only runner being backed against it….dutch?

Please check back for updates on Sandown and Yarmouth.


2-15PM….SUR MER has been pulled out, which has led to adjustments and nothing else. I had hoped the market would tell me something about this race but it’s like staring at a muddy puddle, looking for that half crown pocket money you’d be given, that had fallen into it….yes, I was that kid!

I didn’t find my pocket money and I can see nothing for us here, either. If my figures work, splendid!

JUST FINE is the money horse at 2-50pm….3/1 > 15/8 and it looks like Ryan Moore will be riding a winner for Her Majesty.

MARINE is seeing place money….14/1 > 9/1 but I’d suggest the favourite wins, if the market isn’t speaking with forked tongue.

They are all over MY SWALLOW in the 3-25pm race, too….another Stoute/Moore jobby. The morning favourite, ENBZAIDOON, has opened 6/4 favourite but is friendless….now 5/2, whilst the new favourite opened 9/4 > 6/5.

Only one of that pair wins this race.

MONTATHAM is strong at the head of the market at 3-55pm….11/4 > 15/8. EPIC HERO – 15/8 > 11/4, ZAAKI – 5/1 > 13/2….so clearly, the players think thay have this boxed off.

Bit of a punt going on at 4-30pm….my bottom rated horse, who is 0-15 on turf, is 8/1 > 5/1…..DELICATE KISS, cannot be rated any higher by me. The two 3-y-o’s at the head of the market are drifting….and my OMM is now back out to 5/1, having been 11/2 > 7/2 overnight.

Quite simply, I do not trust this race.

At 5-00pm, punters have not got an opinion….me neither. I guess ZAMBEZI MAGIC – 9/1 > 5/1 – is a mover of a kind but the favourite PITCHER’S POINT, doesn’t look weak. As soon as they go longer than 5/2, it’s gone. A dutch that pair?

GONNE DANCEALOT, wearing first time blinkers, has attracted plenty of support this morning….14/1 > 9/1….probably place money as again, the tissue favourite, ROSE GREY, isn’t weak. Not a race I’d be in a rush to punt but a dutch the pair mentioned might produce a profit.


Two horses being well suppoerted in the 2-00pm….QUEEN OF BURGUNDY – 6/1 > 11/4 and LETHAL ANGEL – 10/1 > 9/2. I’d not be putting anyone off a dutch here.

One of the front two on the tissue wins the 2-35pm but it’s not a race anyone gets rich off and so we’ll move swiftly on.

WALIYAK – 4/1 > 9/4….and very strong to follow up a recent win Lingfield, where he flew in. This is a good race and she’ll need to be improving to win it….but she does appear to be doing just that and nothing is being backed to beat her this afternoon.

The market seems to be against BLUE DE VEGA today (3-45pm), 13/8 > 2/1. The money is for LEODIS DREAM 11/2 > 11/4 but they are also sniffing around TEXTING, 11/2 > 7/2.

I’d dutch that pair, against the favourite.

KING RAGNAR is all the rage at 4-20pm….9/2 > 11/4, the only one being supported against it being GLOBAL HERO, who reappears after an absence of 697 days….9/1 > 11/2.

I’ll look at popping a dutch on that pair.

The Nursery at 4-50pm is not seeing much by way of a clue from the betting. The front four on the tissue are all standing their ground in that regard and I guess you could say that GLOBAL ESTEEM isn’t weak….3/1 > 5/2, having touched 11/4. I’ll go 20/80 the Kellaway runner.

MANY A STAR is clearly seen as the one most likely to succeed in the final race of the day, here…..13/8 > E….BENEFIT STREET is 7/1 > 9/2 and with everything else taking a hike in the market, I’ll dutch to make my profit.

Again, apologies for this going up late today but that was important business that needed attending to and something my subscribed members are going to benefit from.

Best of luck this afternoon!

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