Hamilton and Leicester


Two weak looking meetings but we should not be expecting more, on a Monday. It does not stop us piling on the profits and a look back at last Monday’s work will most definitely prove that to you.

Lets start with Hamilton and in the opener at 2-25 we are down to five runners as one of the rags, IRIS DANCER, has been pulled out. It is effectively a two runner event, three in here looking to be there to simply take part. One of OUT THE HAT / BLACKROD wins this and the market is edging towards the previous course and distance winner, OUT THE HAT – 6/4 > 11/10. BLACKROD is by no means weak in the market and has been fluctuating between 6/5 and E all morning but it does look likely the Jedd O’Keeffe runner will go off the jolly.

Two have come out at 2-55pm and this Class 6 has the lot drifting….punters up and down the land are voting no, not wishing to part with a bean….I’m with them!

I felt sure that WADE’S MAGIC would go off favourite at 3-25pm….he still might but as I type, they want QUANAH – 3/1 > 5/2F, with my top rated horse now available at 10/3 from 3/1.

Both are in my top three and so in my dutch….feeling confident here.

STONIFIC is the horse for cash at 3-55pm and the O’Meara trained seven year old is now 9/1 > 6/1. I’d not be sure about 12 furlongs for this horse though as he’s been better over further this term. Nothing else is being backed though, although fair to say the tissue favourite isn’t weak, NIETZSCHE 7/2 > 5/2 > 11/4….it would seems a dutch is potentially a way to profit.

The R Mike Smith trained FLYING MOON is all the rage at 4-30pm, opened 3/1, now best priced 15/8 and the only other horse being supported here is WENSLEY, 25/1 > 14/1….e.w. money.

Nowt but fluctuations at 5-05pm, nothing being supported, nothing drifting, just moving backwards and forwards and this one is best described as “becalmed”. JOHN JASPER was advised as an OMM – 9/1 > 9/2 – but is now easing….5/1. I’ve had a small 20/80 that one but it would not be getting a confident vote.

The front three on the tissue in the Apprentice Handicap at 5-35pm are all being punted:

  • MAC AILEY – 9/2 > 11/4
  • MY UKULELE – 4/1 > 3/1
  • EDGAR ALLEN POE – 14/1 > 15/2

The last named only ran here 24 hours ago and it’s typical of what goes on at this track, with almost everything that runs here having had to travel to do so….so they run twice if they can, when they hold two day meetings here.

Not a race I’d be interesting in betting myself but the market is saying a dutch pays.


A Class 6 Apprentice Handicap kicks this meeting off and BULLINGTON BOY is a bit of a steamer. The 8/1 has gone and best price now is 9/2.

A 22 times raced maiden being smashed off the boards? Do me a favour!

He has placed three times on all weather surfaces from 11 attempts, once on turf from the same number. If he wins this, someone needs to be asking questions!

SHINE FOR YOU is long odds on at 1-30pm and if the market is correct, only the unraced Fanshawe runner, EMBARKED, gets close to him. A no bet race for me.

In the 2-00pm we have a brace being supported, FIRST LOTT 9/1 > 5/1 and CHICA BELLA 16/1 > 8/1….the second they go bigger than 4/1 about FOLLOW SUIT, it is taken and so perhaps/maybe/maybe not, a dutch that trio brings home the Dunmow Flitch?

My reading of the first of my Rated races this morning seemed to indicate that SYCAMORE was a punt. Top rated, an OMM 9/2 > 5/2 and looking very strong. It was then backed in to 2/1. I’m not sure if he has arrived with a limp but he’s now back out to 3/1, and the “money horses” now are FIRMDECISIONS 16/1 > 7/1 and HONORE DAUMIER 16/1 > 8/1….ABLE KANE is a strong favourite and for a little eight runner Class 5, the betting is saying it is ultra competitive.


The horse I felt would win at 3-05pm, FIREPOWER, has been withdrawn and the market now wants only two of the remaining seven runners…INDIAN SOUNDS – 7/4 > 11/10 and NORTH WIND – 5/1 > 4/1.

I’ll dutch that pair as the last named is my top rated horse and I like him.

You can ignore the nonsense at 3-35pm and we’ll end with the Class 5 Fillie’s Handicap at 4-10pm.

This is my last Rated race of the day and I’m comfy seeing my third highest rated horse, TORONADO QUEEN being punted….6/1 > 3/1.

Would I be surprised to see a 3-y-o win this? Not a bit, but they do like the Fahey runner….and so do I.

Be lucky!

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