Plenty of winners yesterday, let’s see what Redcar and Goodwood brings!


Post Racing subscribed members were advised of an OMM this morning, that runs in the Goodwood 1-15pm event….and is still being backed as if defeat is not an option for the horse.

JAUN DE MONTALBAN opened 6/4 and was advised to my members as having shortened to 4/5….now 8/11 and everything else is lengthening, OUTBACK BOY 2/1 > 3/1, ACT OF WISDOM 4/1 > 6/1. If the Balding horse fails, they’ll all have long faces on the way home, not just the horse!

I provided Post Racing subscribed members with three Rated races from Goodwood today, and the first arrives at 1-50pm. I had no OMM’s this morning….but I have an MMM now! My top rated horse here, WILLIE JOHN, has proven a disappointment for one that cost the £1.9m he cost but today they reckon they’ll get £13k of that back here….4/1 > 2/1 with not a bean for anything else. I was on early and I’m now fingers crossed those that have punted this horse, have him right today.

My second rated race arrives at 2-20pm. Not a great race on paper, with six of these impossible to rate accurately, them being just 3-y-o’s and all. I’ll just work with my figures.

BULLFINCH is the only runner they are supporting at 2-55pm….9/4 > 7/4 and it’s 4/1 bar that one. Only HIGH END looks like it might attract cash but right now, nope, not sausage.

Three horse race at 3-30pm….no thank you….moving swiftly on….

My last Rated race here comes at 4-05pm and I’m loving it. My OMM, MOSTAWAA, sits 3rd best and having opened 13/2, was supported in to 7/2….and 7/2 it still remains.

However, they now seem to have taken a liking to my top rated horse, CROESO CYMRAEG….9/1 > 13/2 and so, if my figures and the market are correct here, I draw a profit. We shall see what we shall see.

Three have been withdrawn from the 4-40pm and so all we have right now are market adjustments. It does appear one of JUST GLAMOROUS / PETTOCHSIDE wins this, as they have been cut right in, whilst the rest have remained static, to a great degree.


A huge field of juveniles go to post in the opening Nursery handicap at Redcar and it’s the three at the head of the market that might be considered for dutching.

  • BEAUTIFUL NEWS – 5/2 > 2/1
  • ENDERMAN – 15/2 > 6/1
  • MERRY SECRET – 12/1 > 8/1

The rest would appear to be friendless and so, we’ll just have to see if the market has got it sorted.

They follow up at 1-35pm, with a Class 6 Nursery….by crikey, they know how to spoil a man.

Two, including the tissue favourite, MISTER ALLEGRO, have been taken out and all I see is wildebeest roaming around the market place and I’d not get involved in this rat of a race, even if you were giving me the Le Chiffre knotted rope treatment (check it out, no wonder Daniel Craig (James Bond), had an itch!)!

A Maiden at 2-05pm and we have an odds on shot, in a six runner juvenile event. More knotted rope, please!

Now we move on to a Class 5 Seller (I’m losing the will to live, now), and it’s all about BIBBIDIBOBBIDIBOO….7/1 > 7/2 although the favourite, SHA LA LA LA LEE is strong enough @ 2/1.

The second favourite, TUKHOOM, was a gamble that came unstuck yesterday and this afternoon, they try again….but this time, he’s weak….7/4 > 9/4.

For me, it’s one of that pair of stupidly named horses that wins and I’m more looking forward to the commentator screaming them home id they are neck and neck inside the final furlong!

No bet….more knotted rope, please.

No fewer than four have come out of the next at 3-15pm, which means it could have been a Rated race….but it will not be.

Obviously four coming out means tissue adjustments but I’m mindful CAPTAIN COROCORAN lost connections a few quid last time, and they’ll be looking to get that back….7/1 > 9/2 might be more than an adjustment but best to monitor than jump in.

My lone Rated race here comes at 3-50pm and it is an absolutely brilliant race….I love it.

I had advised an OMM to my Post Racing subscribed members this morning – 13/2 > 7/2….now 10/3 and very strong.

The 3-y-o’s dominate the market, four of the top five on the tissue from that age group and with six of them in here, including my top rated who is drifting like a barge (6/1 > 8/1….they currently cannot give it away), I’m thinking it’s my third highest rated….the OMM….that is most likely to succeed.

I’ll play my figures and see how I get on.

We finish this meeting off with a brace of Class 6 Handicaps (divided race), the first leg having 18 runners….remember, I have been telling you all year, how many bad horses we have in training.

We have a steamer in this one though….HARRY’S RIDGE….5/1 > 5/2 and of the bigger priced ones COCK A HOOP 25/1 > 12/1. A little to the left please, Mr Le Chiffre.

Two have been pulled out of the last race and whilst we do have market adjustments, I also see a move for SAMBUCCA SPIRIT….13/2 > 9/2…I’d expect it to at least hit the frame so a little 20/80 to finish this dog of a meeting off….even if they do have the best race of the day on the card!

Best of luck!

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