All 16 races across Pontefract and Newmarket assessed and advice provided!


It’s now getting close to the time I cease working on flat racing and turn my attention to the jumpers, with regards to rating races. The markets are still going to offer up plenty of clues for flat racing though and today I’m seeing a few I think offer up an opportunity to snaffle some profit


12-30….Post Racing subscribed members were advised of a move for SMEATON’S LIGHT in this race 7/1 > 11/4. They continued to come for it and it went as short as 2/1 but now the money is coming for BALLYCONNEELY BAY, 6/4 > 11/10 and the OMM is now eased out to 11/4 once again. The better draw is held by the favourite but Channon obviously feels his is going there to run a big race, even from stall nine. I’d dutch.

1-00….Division 2 of this Class 5 maiden and the initial move for ARCEUS (8/1 > 11/2), kept pace with that one in the first division, into 9/2 at one point, although now 5/1.

BURSCOUGH is 11/2 > 9/2 now, and SO DUBAI, who had drifted from 25/1 > 33/1, is seeing e.w. money and is now 20/1.

The favourite, STRIKE RED isn’t weak by any means and as soon as they go 9/4, it is taken….rock steady 2/1 clear favourite and if I were to play this race it’d be a dutch ARCEUS, BURSCOUGH and STRIKE RED.

1-30….another Channon runner was attracting support earlier this morning, SIXNTWOTHREES 6/1 > 4/1….now 9/2 having hit 5/1. I’m not seeing anything here that suggests a bet though and so my advice is to just watch.

2-05….my first rated race here and nothing at all is attracting punters in so, it’s the figures or nowt, if you opt to get involved at all. The good thing about that is, my top three front the tissue and the market has them clear of the fourth best on the tissue right now.

2-40….my second rated race here and with the second favourite, FLOATING ARTIST, now a non-runner, it’s down to five, binned and left to the needy and greedy.

3-10….Class 5 Novice Auction and only ARTHUR’S REALM has seen support worthy of that word, 7/2 > 5/2. It is 8/1 bar two, CLASSIC LORD currently 2/1 favourite having opened 13/8. The dutch looks likely to pay a dividend.

3-45….I was happy with my figures here, if the ground was to remain as described when I dotted “i’s” and crossed “t’s”….and I’m pleased to see the 3-y-o that rates third best on my numbers, CLOUDEA, now being supported….13/2 > 4/1.

My second highest rated, HART STOPPER, is also attractive to players, 11/2 > 4/1 and if my figures/market are correct, then I expect to see those playing achieve profit.

4-20….the fourth of my rated races here, and the best, too….or it was! They have pulled three, leaving just seven going to post, destroying my theory about a draw bias and all it has done is caused massive market fluctuations. Glad I’m now out of it until November!


1-15….If the market is right, only one of a pair wins this.

TOROMONA was advised an OMM to my Post Racing subscribed members this morning, 15/8 > 11/8 and whilst I did see 5/4, the 11/8 still stands. They are not letting ALBERT CAMUS go bigger than 11/4 though. The second 3/1 flashed up, the snipers were in….now 11/4 once again.

One of them most likely wins this….dutch.

1-50….LAST SUNSET was the OMM and this five runner field is not even causing a ripple in the markets, save for the three outsiders drifting. Looks like one of LAST SUNSET / LOST IN SPACE wins it….dutch.

2-25….I expected to see GALE FORCE MAYA topping my figures here, and she did. However, I had a Roger Moore eyebrow moment when I saw the opening 4/1 become 9/2….now though, they are coming for her….7/2 and the new favourite.

I felt my top pair were the correct top pair and they also head the tissue. I’m acutely aware though, that we have no fewer than five of this eight runner field aged three….guts are telling me my numbers have it though, and the market agrees.

Paul Mulrennan heads south for this one ride, when Pontefract (much closer to home), would surely have offered him a winner of some kind?

3-00….LA BARROSA was entered into my New Edge selection box and the 10/11 > 8/11 does suggest a winner waiting to happen. Juvenile odds on shots, odds on shots in novice hurdles and steeplechases are the fastest way to the poor house and I do not get involved myself but nothing is being backed to beat this one so, ball is in your court.

3-35….a two miler, now down to four runners and I’ll not even bother watching it.

4-10…another four runner event. The dishwasher needs emptying….guess what I’ll be doing when that goes off.

4-45….I have rated this race so with the chores done, I’ll park my backside in my office chair and watch this. I have FIRST WINTER miles clear on my figures but the market seems to be telling us it’s not going to happen….E > 11/8….they cannot give it away. The horse for money is RODIN, 11/1 > 17/2 and that critter is a 3-y-o sitting second best on my numbers.

In fact, my top three sit atop the tissue and if you are playing, they look the right three.

5-20….The last race on the card is a novelty race but the players are all over BOTTOM BAY….2/1 > 6/4 and it has been backed at all rates through to that current tissue price.

The opening favourite was ZORAN….6/5 > 13/8….and it’s 8/1 bar that pair.

Best of luck!

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