Newmarket and Haydock – All 14 races given a thorough examination!


We saw plenty of market movement overnight and my Post Racing subscribed membership had no fewer than 10 names to work with in their morning Newsletters. Some are still strong, some not so strong but all look to have been prepared for today, win, lose or draw.

I’ll start with Newmarket and in the opener it was QUINTILLUS punters were very keen to work with in the 1-15pm event. He opened 5/2 and was no bigger than 13/8 early doors. He has since flirted with 2/1 but is now back in to 7/4 and I’m not seeing money for anything else. He looks the best bet in this race.

1-50pm….CLOAK OF BLUES was the OMM in the morning Newsletter and having opened 5/1, was 7/2 and looking strong. However, since the markets had finished their breakfast, BOUNCE THE BLUES has seen support, 5/1 > 7/2, whilst CLOAK OF BLUES is now 4/1.

Nothing else is fancied by the players here and I’d consider a two horse dutch.

2-25 – Two out, down to four runners and I’m not interested.

3-00 – MONDAY on a Friday….just about sums up how time is playing with me right now! Only five going to post and it’s one of MONDAY / ISABELLA GILES takes the £45k first prize, if the tissue has this correct. MONDAY is now the stronger of that pair 6/4 > 5/4, with the Clive Cox trained filly 7/4 > 2/1. If you can make a dutch cover the chippie tea, go for it.

3-35….Again we have two out and for some reason they cannot now give KAMEKO away….overnight 11/4 > 15/8….you can now have that 11/4 again, with the cash now coming for TOP RANK – 11/2 > 10/3 and that is the one they want.

A 20/80 pays for something.

Only five going to post at 4-10pm and Newmarket really is suffering from small field syndrome today. LAAFY was 7/2 > 5/2 but has now visited 3/1 again. Definitely the strongest from a market perspective as LOXLEY is friendless – 7/4 > 9/4 and the four outside the top pair on the tissue are just looking up and doing diddly.

My only rated races arrives at 4-45pm and we’ve again lost a pair, leaving us with a seven runner handicap. All I’m currently seeing are market adjustments and as I’m not playing now anyway, I’ll just let it happen.


VULCAN was being well supported for this Apprentice Handicap 9/2 > 5/2….now 9/4 and it’s 13/2 bar the favourite….not a race I’d bet on even if I were playing but this does look solid.

2-50 – Post Racing subscribed members were advised this morning – TERRICHANG – E > 4/5….now 4/6. They will play WORLDLY WISE to place money the second it goes bigger than 9/2 but it looks like TERRICHANG is expected to win, WORLDLY WISE to place. CSF?

3-25 – The Dascombe newcomer HELMONT is the horse for shekels this morning, 7/1 > 4/1….the trainer jockey combo is the Haydock Dream Team and it would appear, if the players are right, that he beats the three heading the tissue, that arrive with previous racecourse experience. A 20/80….just in case he’s as green as the stuff he’s racing on.

4-00 – RIFFAA WONDER was in the OMM’s section of this morning’s Post Racing Subscribed members Newsletter 11/4 > 7/4….best price now is 6/4 and only NASTASE is likely to give him a race if the tissue creators have it right. He has gone 9/2, 4/1, 9/2, 5/1, 4/1….everything else is drifting and it would appear one of that pair wins it….most likely the OMM.

The trip of 14f for 3-y-o’s would be enough to put me off playing at 4-35pm but some folk seem to think NOBLE MASQUERADE is made for a marathon….12/1 > 6/1….and David O’Meara’s KING’S CHARISMA is 12/1 > 17/2.

My guess is, they are guessing. They might have guessed right but I’d not be following them in.

Another 14f race, this time for older handicappers and this morning they were into IMPERIUM – 5/2 > 7/4….now though, they are all looking to get out of that one and you can have 10/3!

The three for money now are:

  • NAKEETA – 9/2 > 5/2
  • BILLY NO MATES – 13/2 > 9/2
  • ORIN SWIFT – 12/1 > 8/1

No way I’d be involved if it were mid-June and I’ll leave it to those that know better than I do!

My only rated race here at 5-35pm and I’d be disappointed if my figures/market don’t have the solution. My figures have two well suppoerted horses, SEA TROUT REACH 6/1 > 7/2 and LORD NEIDIN 11/2 > 4/1 in my top three rated horses and they are two of the eight 3-y-o’s in this 12 runner race.

If you are inclined to play, they look a pair that’ll give you a run for your money.

Best of luck!

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