Three meetings, 23 races….all sorted!


A brilliant day of punting yesterday with winners located here, in the Post Racing Newsletters, and in the Podcast. If you listened to that podcast you’ll have been invited to obtain an ante-post price about HIGH DEFINITION for the 2021 Derby…was 33/1, now the 12/1 favourite.

Let’s look at these three meetings:


1-00 – FABILIS – 2/1 > 5/4 and it has steam rising off it….in a good way! They will not let ENCOURAGE go bigger than 4/1, the second it is, a sniper takes aim and it looks the one for the CSF as everything else is on the drift.

1-30 – Only four going to post but the players want PERCY’S LAD. I advised in the Post Racing Newsletter this morning that it was an OMM….5/2 > 7/4….now Evens is the best you can obtain. GOLDEN FLAME for a CSF.

2-05 – Two have been taken out, seven go to post and it’s ITKAANN….13/2 > 9/2 that looks more than a tissue adjustment to me. A 20/80 for sure.

2-40 – I’m sensing the market reckons WINTER THORN is going to give the odds on AADDEEY a race. The favourite has eased from 8/15 > 8/13, whilst the Varian trained runner is just solid 7/2. One of that pair wins it so you can faff about with it to turn a profit.

3-15 – HERMAN HESSE was smashed off the boards over night, 7/4 > 5/4….now 6/5 and very strong at the head of the market. All bar one of the rest are now a double figure price, layers trying their best to suck some in but it’s all about the O’Meara trained runner.

3-50 – I told my subscribed membership this morning that this race was looking like a West plunge….they do like to set one up there! HARMONISE was 20/1 > 10/1 overnight and still they come….now 8/1. The market isn’t letting go of either LICIT – 5/2 > 2/1 > 13/8 > 7/4 > 2/1 or BEAT THE HEAT – 4/1 > 7/2 > 3/1 and one of that trio wins this race. You could dutch or, simply run with the plunge horse 20/80.

4-25 – My only rated race of the day here and the punting taps have been turned on for BERNARDO O’REILLY….4/1 > 9/4….DANZENO is weak 2/1 > 9/4 > 5/2 > 11/4 > 3/1….they keep offering punters the fractions but, they ain’t biting.

HAMISH MACBETH is the main threat if the punters currently playing are correct 9/2 > 7/2 and did touch 10/3.

Dutch that pair would seem to be best.

5-00 – VARDON FLYER was advised to Post Racing members as an OMM….16/1 > 10/1….now 9/1 but, BONUS has become a right old steamer, 20/1 > 7/1, since they opened their doors to punters this morning. They seem to “know”….not a race I like for punting purposes but that looks “proper”.


1-15 – Uusual rule of thumb here is to work with stalls 1, 2 and 3….but it’s the one breaking from stall 4 making waves in the market….9/4 into 7/4 but it has been backed all morning at 2/1 and 15/8. Quite clearly, they want ECHO BEACH.

1-50 – CAPE PALACE is odds on to defy a break of 373 days for John Gosden and I see no point betting, or taking it on.

2-25 – Everything last night and this morning points to a massive run from LADY SANSA. It opened 7/2 last night and by 5-00am this morning was best priced 6/4. You can now have 7/4 but with nothing else being played at all, it looks a Beckett winner in waiting.

3-00 – A Nursery at 3-00pm and the one breaking from stall three, SELECTED, is the one punters have “selected”….9/2 > 3/1.

KOOL MOE DEE is not being allowed to trade bigger than 7/2, anyone puts 4/1 up, it’s snaffled. Those drawn higher than six are drifting and I’m selecting SELECTED.

3-35 – Steamer alert….advised to my subscribed membership this morning 4/1 into 9/4, and in my top three rated horse, EJTILAAB is now just 15/8.

The only other runner for money is BATTERED – 6/1 > 4/1 – and that is my second highest rated horse….and they are drawn 1 & 2.

You can forget my top rated horse….when you see a drift of 16/1 > 40/1, you get an inkling it ain’t going to be doing much of anything.

Dutch those “movers” only.

4-10 – SNOW OCEAN, my second highest rated horse here, has been given the bifters on the tissue….4/1 > 9/4 and backed at all rates down to that price….the morning OMM was ELMEJOR – 20/1 > 10/1….now 14/1 and on the drift.

A previous CD winner, it looks “off”….happy to play that singly, if I were betting.

4-45 – I do not like these races, over this trip, at Chester. I get dizzy watching them go round, and round, and round….but CALCULATION is the money horse right now, 5/1 > 3/1. Nothing else is seeing a bean at this moment so it looks like one for The Queen.


I love this track.

1-40 – You can ignore this for betting purposes. MAYAAS has been sent up by Haggas to trouser £4k and the mere fact Ryan Moore is here to ride in the fiurst race on any card these days, is a sign it’s going to win.

2-15 – AVIOR STAR was advised as an OMM to my subscribed membership this morning 11/4 > 7/4….now 13/8 with another mover now apparent in ELZAAL….13/2 > 4/1….one of them wins this….dutch.

2-50 – First of my Rated races here but I notidied Post Racing subscribed members that TREBLE TREBLE had seen plenty of overnight support….17/2 > 5/1….they still think that was big and it’s now 7/2 clear favourite, 13/2 bar. It is one of 3 x 3-y-o’s in here and sits in my top four rated horses….EEH BAH GUM, 12/1 > 13/2, appears to be the danger. It’s a cracking good race, that the market does seem to say the prize is going to Yorkshire.

3-25 – A weak Class 6 but they are consistently nibbling away at INDIAN PURSUIT….9/2 > 5/2 and I guess if you have to play in such races, that’s as good as anything here.

4-00 – The Stoute runner, LIGHTS ON, is weak, despite Moore riding it….5/6 > 5/4….DAWAAWEEN being supported from 4/1 > 9/4 to beat the hot pot. Only five going to post and even if I was still betting, I wouldn’t be, here.

4-35 – HOW BIZARRE is 7/1 > 4/1, sits third best on my numbers, the tissue favourite sits second best and my top rated is fourth favourite on 11/2. I’d suggest the figures produce profit here.

The last race on the card and my final rated race of the afternoon. MI CAPRICHO – 11/2 > 10/3 – and fourth best on my figures, is the one for cash. PACINO isn’t weak (3rd best on my numbers), 4/1 > 7/2 but this race has a pong about it.

If you have to bet, 20/80 MI CAPRICHO looks a banker to produce you a profit, even if it pence.

Best of luck today!

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