Poor racing today but winners still to be found!


We cannot dine on steak everyday and this afternoon we are being served a bowl of gruel. It is poor racing but, it’s Monday and we should expect nothing different. It was this bad long before Covid arrived, although we do have many more bad horses running than used to be the case.


I love working with this track and have advised Post Racing subscribed members I expect profit from my pair of Rated races here.

In the 1-00pm they have started to edge towards FOLLOW YOUR HEART – 11/4 > 2/1 with GAELIC SECRET currently second best at 9/4. With the rest now drifting like a strong current has them, I’d not be a genius in saying one of those two wins this race.

1-30 – My top rated horse was also advised as an OMM in my morning Newsletter, MONTALVAN 7/2 > 5/2….now 9/4 and very strong, no market opposition in sight at this moment in time.

2-00 – In this, my second and final Rated race of the day, I’m seeing plenty of market confidence in LE CHIFFRE….funny, I was only discussing that Bond character a couple of days ago! The 11/4 has gone, so has the 5/2, 9/4, 2/1….now 7/4. He too is my top rated and it’s looking like my figures are fine and dandy.

2-30 – I’m seeing a couple attracting support here….nothing like as strong as that pair directly above but SMEATON – 6/1 > 4/1, and CELESTIAL BLISS – 14/1 > 8/1, are definitely the flavours here. Looks a competitive race for a Class 5 and you might find one of that pair is fit for Placepot selection.

3-00 – They go 6/1 the field here and the OMM I advised my subscribed members of this morning, EL NASERI, is still 6/1 from that opening 12/1….it’s just not a race I’d fancy betting in at all but again, if you a Placepot player, consider that one.

3-30 – Just five going to post and just a pair for money, ZIM BABY 9/4 > 7/4 and MINA VELOUR – 7/2 > 9/4….all five seen to like to see at least one or two in front of them, the thought of actually leading home the herd an anathema to them….one has to do so today though and the market currently suggests, it’s one of that pairing.

4-00 – A Class 6 Amateur Riders Handicap….thankfully the Placepot has concluded before you get here.

It’s a shocker, no other way of describing it. Shoot me now….I want nothing to do with it and looking at the markets, neither does anyone else.


2-20 – We kick off with a Class 6 Nursery….Placepot Buster Alert!!!

The market likes PEERLESS….9/1 > 5/1 now, having earlier gone for CLOEY’S KOKO, advised to my subscribed members as having been supported from 7/1 > 9/2….it hit 3/1, is now out to 10/3 in the face of the money for that other one. Dutch that pair to make a profit.

2-50 – This is now a waste of space…..albeit a competitive looking one. My OMM, BENNY AND THE JETS, who was very well supported overnight, has been pulled out, along with one other.

Placepot fanciers might like to go with GLOBAL PROSPECTOR, who runs for the second time following a wind-op for a team bang in form (Cox/Kirby)…..15/2 > 5/1 and even allowing for adjustments, it makes this one interesting.

3-20 – Looking at the tissue, I’d be happy suggesting a dutch ALBANMAN, GREYSTOKE, EAGLE SPRINGS. The returns will not change your life in any way, shape or form but a profit, is a profit, is a profit….if one of them wins.

3-50 – Division 1 of a Class 6 and they are smashing into VOLCANO BOY – 5/1 > 9/4….NEVER SAID NOTHING is attracting place money – 9/1 > 6/1 but they seem keen on that one being ridden by Ray Dawson.

4-20 – Division II….I just had an involuntary sharp intake of breath….I suppose if I had to draw one of these straws, it would be ALEZAN….previous CD winner, beaten favourite last time out, and it looks like they want that money back….5/1 > 3/1….The only other one attracting support is to place money again….ROCKIN’ N RAVEN….14/1 > 7/1 but personally, I’d prefer to gargle with some sulphuric acid, that bet on races like these.

4-50 – Another Class 6….another 15 of them that would probably best let loose on the moors, or on a beach somewhere, giving slow walks to babies on their backs.

The are getting stuck into a horse called AKNOCKABOUT QUEEN, who arrives here with form figures reading 7, 8, 8, 3, 8, 8….opened 8/1, now 9/2, having been supported at all rates down. I just let loose a “harumph”, and told myself to top up that glass of gargling stuff.

5-20 – Oh joy, a Class 5….12 going to post, to hear their hooves rattling on the way back! Two have been taken out, including the morning tissue favourite and all e have now is market adjustments. BURKE AND WILLS….16/1 > 9/1….seems more than just an adjustment but not a chance I’d bet here, even if you gave me the funds to do so.

5-50 – Tears are now falling down my face. A Class 6 Apprentice Handicap, designed with the Layers satchels in mind.

I pointed out an OMM here this morning, the appropriately named HAMMY END….8/1 > 5/1….now 4/1 joint favourite, with TATTENHAMS….5/1 > 4/1.

When I see a horse arriving with form figures reading 2, 2, 3, 2, 4, 3 I tell myself it’s a dodgepot. I’m actually saying that about the race and will shut up now!

Best of luck!

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