One meeting at Ayr and we have a Class 6 “steamer”….a horse, not the race!


Although, to be fair, most Class 6 races could be said to…nah, I’ll leave it there. Horrible things they are though and even the trainers have not got a clue if they’ll perform at that grade, on the day. One being punted though, does look strong.

Just that lone meeting up at Ayr to work with and in the opener at 12-30pm, we simply see market adjustments as opposed to “movers”, on account of the fact two, have come out.

If I had to point to one that might be strong, it would be CRUYFF TURN but it’s an Apprentice Handicap, albeit a Class 4, with some decent pilots up.

1-00 – Nothing inspiring to report here. A static market, a Class 6 juvenile jobby and best left alone.

1-30 – One of the fancied horses, PRIMO’S COMET, has been pulled so Market adjustments only right now. Perhaps….just perhaps, I’m seeing a potential move for JOHN KIRKUP….7/1 > 11/2 with the rest drifting but nothing at all what you’d call strong.

2-05 – Now this might be a Class 6 (in fact, it is!), but I’m seeing more than just smoke here. A punt is going on, UGO GREGORY 5/1 > 2/1 and they cannot give the rest away for love, nor money. It looks “proper”.

2-40 – Division II of the Class 6 and it’s ATHMAD catching punters eye. The 11/2 is long gone, now 7/2.

The Jim Goldie trained STRONG STEPS is being punted by the e.w. players – 20/1 > 10/1 – but it would appear ATHMAD is the one.

3-15 – My top rated here felt “good” when I’d finalised my work and I’m now seeing that horse, HARRISON POINT, being smashed up….4/1 > 9/4….and having been 4/1 bar, it’s now 13/2….they want just this one horse.

3-50 – My final rated race of the afternoon and as expected, they are getting after the 3-y-o’s in this one.

BUCEPHELUS is now just 3/1 having opened 11/2 and ABBOTSIDE is 5/1 > 10/3….my top rated horse, SUCELLUS, is 11/4 > 10/3….not exactly a drifter, more a market adjustment in the face of cash for the younger horses….I still like my top rated but “get” the punt on the 3-y-o’s right enough. They are rated 8th and 9th best on my figures but only because they are of that age grouping and impossible to rate accurately….which is why Stake Management was employed to take them into account when betting.

4-25 – A long distance Class 4 to end with and the one being played is THEATRO. Opened 7/1, now 9/2….HIROSHIMA is 25/1 > 10/1 looks the place punt and BILLY NO MATES is not weak at the head of the market.

A dutch that trio looks set to land a profit.

Best of luck!

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