Huntingdon and Hereford morning movers and shakers


Below we have a look at all the races taking place of jumps on the mainland. I’m thinking the ground at Hereford must be shot to bits again (they have always had issues), as we have a total of 14 non-runners there already with more, I expect, to follow.


12-00 – Those who received the Post Racing Newsletter for subscribed members on 06/10/20 will know what I’m expecting here. The market is speaking very favourably about the chances of YOUR DARLING, 5/2 > 6/5 but at the same time it also suggests the second favourite will be there or thereabouts….3/1 > 9/4.

I had seen a move for TIGRAY 33/1 > 10/1 but that will have been place money….now around 14/1 so expect the winner to be in that front pair with YOUR DARLING, currently 33/1 for the Supreme Novices at Cheltenham, the most likely to succeed.

12-30 – This market was quiet overnight but now I’m seeing a move for KEYBOARD JOAN 10/1 > 7/1. The front pair on the tissue are now weak however and it looks more a case of the layers tightening the market than anything else. It’s 16/1 bar the front three on the tissue and 7/1 bar the pair heading the market.

A place only punt KEYBOARD JOAN looks an option.

1-00 – A Novice Chase which had seen a market move in the direction of DUBLIN FOUR, 11/1 > 13/2. Now 9/1 and very weak with nothing being punted at all.

PEUR DE RIEN was impossible to provide an accurate figure for off the back of just one run in a steeplechase, which was duly won. A race I’d just watch as opposed to punt.

1-30 – LANDIN was supported overnight, 12/1 > 9/1….now 12/1 again and weak. It is the second division of the novice steeplechase and another I’d just watch only.

2-00 – A very competitive Class 4, 17 runner handicap and I’m seeing the strength of the market for FLOATING ROCK, now 3/1 having opened 11/2 last night. We did have another “mover” here, BUILDING BRIDGES, 12/1 > 7/1….now 9/1 as the favourite keeps drawing them in.

What we have here though is a plethora of horses racing first and second time following a wind operation, and that includes FLOATING ROCK, who was given that operation following a win.

I trust my figures here.

2-35 – The tissue favourite, THE LATE LEGEND, isn’t weak but, neither is he strong….opened 7/4 > 11/8 > 13/8….but at the same time, nothing at all is being backed to beat it. This one qualified as an OMM….I would expect it to go very close again.

3-10 – The markets really are fluctuating, as opposed to “moving” this morning. WASDELL DUNDALK was highlighted as an OMM to my subscribed members this morning 9/2 > 11/4….still strong at 3/1 and again, nothing at all being backed to beat it.

3-45 b- A Conditional and Amateur riders Bumper….If I had to point to one being given even a whisper of support, it would be SANDANISTA….7/2 > 11/4 > 3/1 > 10/3….not a race I’d ever be in a hurry to play, at all.


12-15 – The overnight move came for AQUILA SKY 8/1 > 11/2 but it’s now all change….you can have 13/2 about that one as the move is now all CELESTIAL SKY….15/8 > 10/11 and he’s very strong.

Odds on in Novice events, not my thing at all….and the one “rock steady” is LET THE HEIRS WALK….5/2 > 11/4 > 5/2 > 11/4 > 5/2….as soon as they offer that fraction, it is snapped up.

12-45 – A 13 runner Class 5 that sees handicap debutante MAGIC SHUFFLE being sniffed, nibbled and scratched….18/1 > 11/1….a race that would not appeal come core season and I’d advise watching only.

MEMPHIS BLEEK was the OMM advised to my Post Racing subscribed membership this morning, 10/1 > 7/1….now 13/2….looks 20/80 material if you really must punt.

1-15 – Division II of the race above and the morning “steamer” SOYOUTHINKSOAGAIN WAS 14/1 > 8/1….he’s been pulled out. Now it’s RATFACEMCDOUGALL….visored first time for a shrewd yard, that is having winners….10/1 > 13/2….looks a 20/80, even if it is a terrible name for a horse!

1-50 – Now down to three runners….the ground appears to have been gone here and I’m thinking it’s the same issues we’ve seen at Ludlow and elsewhere lately. All the watering was not enough. You could never, in a million years, take 4/9 about a horse that has fallen in two of it’s last three races….just pretend this isn’t happening.

2-23 – NEVILLE’S CROSS is obviously though suited by what will be akin to racing on a road….2/1 > 11/8, with just SHAH AN SHAH 9/1 > 6/1 offering opposition in the market.

2-58 – Two more out here. Down to four runners, and it’s simply market adjustments I’m seeing….pretend it isn’t happening.

3-33 – I had three OMM’s in this, and two of that trio are still strong. The one going out with the tide again is WINFOLA….33/1 > 14/1 > 20/1, so drop that one if you were considering the dutch.

We have three out here but the other pair advised earlier are still in their pitching and strong.

  • AIRGEAD SUAS – 10/1 > 5/1 now 7/2
  • CZECH HER OUT – 16/1 > 8/1 now 13/2

Obviously two of those that have come out have caused an adjustment but they still appear to be in there to run big races.

4-08 – Yet another two out here but they want COURTLANDS, 3/1 > 2/1 as BENSON weakens….10/11 > 11/10 so I’d be thinking the Bowen runner is most likely to collect.

Best of luck today!

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