Whilst Champions Day takes centre stage it’s Market Rasen and Stratford taking my eye!


I’ve left the flat behind now and don’t even watch those races taking place on winter ground, at the end of a long, hard enough, season. It’s now just three weeks until I get busy with betting again myself but please, feel free to indulge yourself utilising all the work produced.

I’ll start at Market Rasen:

2-11 – Just four going to post here and I gave my reasons for supporting ALPHA CARINAE in the Post Racing Podcast….now 8/11, the Skelton runner 2/1 > 13/8….one of them wins it and I favour the unbeaten runner.

You can listen to the Podcast by clicking here

2-46 – This morning my Post Racing subscribed members were advised that HOOPER was very much an OMM….15/8 > 5/4….now 6/5.

COPPERLESS had opened favourite but has drifted 10/11 > 11/8….one of them wins it and the players are telling us it’s HOOPER.

3-21 – The first of my two rated races here and the horse very much for money now if FLEUR IRLANDAISE….22/1 > 10/1….it’s October, we should expect this kind of thing.

My figures tell us this horse is 7th best based on the criteria I use to handicap a race but at this point in the season, they are merely a guide, as opposed to something to be rigidly applied….but I do like the shape of my figures here and I’d now, if this were November, be looking at setting up a four horse dutch, top three plus that mover.

3-56 – The podcast gives extremely solid reasons for suggesting which will win this four runner race. I’d never get involved in playing such races myself but I’ll be very surprised if this one loses.

4-31 – My second rated race and it’s my sixth best rated horse attracting all the money….LUCKOFTHEDRAW 7/1 > 5/1 and I have to admit that if my figures prove correct here, I’ll start betting from tomorrow!

Having said that, my top rated is attracting support 18/1 > 8/1….that’ll be e.w. money.

One of those races I prefer to simply watch only.

5-06 – WRITTENINTHESAND was advised to Post Racing subscribed members as an OMM this morning….9/1 > 5/1. It shortened to 9/2 before easing back out to 5/1 and I’m now also seeing money coming for WAHWONSIA, 12/1 > 8/1….this horse has been off the track for 631 days and in six previous runs has traded 50/1, 100/1, 100/1, 100/1, 66/1 and 16/1.

You would only back such a horse is you had a relation of the same name, you were drunk or, you were connected and knew they had it “right”.

I’d be happy with a 20/80 the OMM….and if that thing wins it you just pat David Bridgwater on the back and mutter a few words out of his earshot.

5-36 – It’s a Bumper, best left until late to play, if you must do so. However, HORIZON BLEU has seen action – 14/1 > 6/1 – and MOON RAY 11/1 > 6/1….again, I’ll just watch to see what happens.


12-43 – A Maiden Hurdle to start our punting day and it’s the front two on the tissue you should be paying attention to….THE BULL MCCABE 2/1 > 7/4 > 15/8> 9/4 > 2/1….BARBADOS BUCKS 11/4 > 2/1 > 9/4 > 2/1 > 9/4

ON CALL was nibbled at 9/1 > 6/1 but has now eased out 13/2.

It’s a maiden event though and if I were to do anything, it would be a small dutch only….front two on the tissue.

1-13 – Division II of that one above and the market is all over the place:

  • MY WAY – 6/5 > 5/4 > 11/10 > E > 10/11
  • PEACHEY – 9/2 > 5/1 > 6/1 > 11/2 > 4/1
  • NOW IS WINTER – 20/1 > 16/1 > 11/1 > 10/1 > 11/1
  • FILOU DES ISSARDS – 16/1 > 18/1 > 22/1 > 28/1 > 16/1

….and it goes on.

I’d not part with a shilling on a race like this.

1-43 – Two have come out here including the third favourite A BOOK OF INTRIGUE and this has led to market adjustments but if I had to point to a pair attracting “support” it would be MYSTIC COURT….9/1 > 9/2….that is more than a mere adjustment, is that….and COURT GLORY 20/1 > 9/1….most certainly more than an adjustment.

What would I do here? I’d put my hands in my pockets to make sure I could not hit the bet button.

2-18 – The market is telling me that HOMING STAR is the one to work 20/80 here. The opening 10/1 has now gone, it’s 11/2 and now fourth favourite, not a bean for any of the front three on the tissue.

2-53 – The first of my two rated races here and I’m thinking the market and my figures have this boxed off….FRANCKY DU BERLAIS 9/2 > 3/1 favourite and sitting second best on my figures.

HEY BUD is attracting e.w. support 16/1 > 15/2 and I can understand that. Sit’s sixth best on my numbers and I would expect him to be closer than 16/1 suggested.

Good race this, looking forward to it…..figures and movers in tandem….love it.

3-28 – My second rated race here and I’m seeing three supported:

  • POGO I AM – 7/2 > 5/2
  • DIAMOND GAIT – 15/2 > 11>4
  • NORTHERN PRINCESS – 11/2 > 9/2

I had notified my Post Racing Subscribed members that DIAMOND GAIT was the only OMM at this meeting 15/2 > 11/2….and is my clear top rated so I’d be more than happy for folk to be working with that horse.

4-03 – This is another big field Class 5 event that sees many fluctuations in the market and quite simply because of that, I’d just watch only. Four of the front four on the tissue were beaten favourites last time out and three of those are attracting support:

  • BLUE N YELLOW – 5/1 > 7/2
  • BOBMAHLEY – 15/2 > 11/2
  • HURRICANE ARCADIO – 12/1 > 8/1

I’m not suggesting for a moment though, that you do anything with them!

4-40 – Now, if I catch anyone betting a race like this, you’ll be over my knee!

I’d much rather you used any stake you had planned for this Female Jockeys’ Handicap for Professional and Amateur riders as a donation to the good people sponsoring it!

Best of luck today!

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