Both cards at Wetherby and Uttoxeter, all 16 races, sorted!


Quality racing at Wetherby today and as I mentioned to my Post Racing Newsletter earlier, it’s a sure sign the core season is just around the corner. Very much looking forward to the Charlie Hall meeting tomorrow and then getting ready for it all to kick off properly next weekend. Let’s start with the better of the two meetings and sort out all 16 races today:


11-55 – An early start and I’m seeing two for money here:

  • KATAHDIN – 13/2 > 4/1
  • SAY THE WORD – 14/1 > 13/2

DOYEN BREED is a solid 4/1 second favourite and if I were throwing the runes here I’d suggest a dutch that trio.

12-25 – The favourite here, APPLE ROCK, was advised an OMM this morning, 11/10 > 4/5….and it shortened further, 4/7….but now we see punters looking at two others:

  • APACHE CREEK – 5/1 > 4/1
  • SIDI ISMAEL – 10/1 > 15/2

Not a race giving off good vibes and I’d just watch.

1-00 – Just four going to post and the market is merely fluctuating….four runner Novice Chases have never been my betting “bag” and it’s another I’d simply watch.

1-35 – I mentioned to Post Racing subscribed members this morning that my second highest rated horse in here was an OMM….still moving, too.

It’s a lively market now though and others are also seeing support:

  • MARLBOROUGH SOUNDS – 9/1 > 9/2
  • FIN AND GAME – 12/1 > 8/1

My top rated has drifted badly, 10/3 > 6/1 and it would appear today is not the day for that one. Looking at my figures/market, I’d now be thinking that a dutch, my second highest rated horse, with that pair now being backed, might well bear fruit….but I do like that one second best on my figures.

2-10 – This is another market absolutely bouncing right now. My top rated is a solid favourite but my third highest rated, LOUIS’ VAC POUCH 14/1 > 6/1, morning OMM advised, and CHARMANT 11/1 > 9/1 all look set to make this the best race of the day.

I am very happy with my figures and would just work my top three to a dutch.

2-45 – Gordon Elliott’s DUFFLE COAT was well punted last night, 13/2 > 7/2… 3/1….and strong. His other runner, LONGCLAW isn’t weak though, and trades favourite. MIDNIGHTS LEGACY is 18/1 > 11/1.

It’s a good race for watching….betting? I’m not thinking so.

3-20 – We had a race yesterday were the markets were telling me my figures were pants, and so it proved. My top three here are a mixed bag in that regard, my top rated 10/3 > 6/1, BALLYVIC BORU 6/1 > 11/2 > 6/1 but that one I have sitting second best, running second time following a wind-op, 14/1 > 8/1

The favourite, CRACKING FIND, is 9/2 > 3/1, having hit 5/2, SMITHS CROSS 7/1 > 4/1, SOME REIGN 11/2 > 4/1….mighty competitive race, with many seemingly fancied to run well.

One of those races that is providing far to many ifs buts and maybes so, I would suggest you simply watch….or have a small 20/80 my second highest rated horse.

3-55 – The long odds on favourite THIRD TIME LUCKI is 4/11 > 4/9 as money is coming for:

  • HEART OF A LION – 5/1 > 4/1
  • EWOOD PARK – 28/1 > 16/1

I expect the favourite to oblige but would never advise punting odds on in this kind of race.


12-15 – BLACKFINCH is strong favourite 5/4 > 5/6 and the only other runner attracting e.w. money is BRETNEY 40/1 > 25/1 but it would appear another odds on shot in a Novice event is “expected”….I’ll just let it happen.

12-50 – Odds on shot again but, again, nothing is being backed to beat GET IN THE QUEUE from Harry Fry’s yard….8/11 > 4/6.

This horse returns after a break of 587 days and he looked a serious piece of kit in Bumpers. The Racing Post describes him as an “exciting prospect”, which he is but until he’s done it, he’s just a prospect.

1-25 – We will be looking at another shortie here, PANIC ATTACK 9/4 > E overnight, 11/10 now and that ease has come about because of money for GOLD CLERMONT 8/1 > 13/2….if I was going to play here I’d go 20/80 that second named but I do expect the favourite to be winning.

2-00 – Class 5 Handicap and we have two being punted….worth a Dutch….CRACK DU NINIAN – 5/1 > 10/3, BRIDEY’S LETTUCE 8/1 > 5/1.

Several huge priced ones are also being nibbled at, LIGHT FLICKER 40/1 > 16/1, CAPE FAIR 40/1 > 25/1, amongst them but they are due to withdrawals as opposed to money, which has shortened the first two named.

2-35 – Harry Fry could be having a very good day as his FISHKOV seems to be expected here….9/4 > 11/10. However, some fancy Pam Sly’s KEY TO THE MOON, 12/1 > 6/1.

BALLYBREEZE is seemingly fancied to run into a place, 28/1 > 10/1.

This looks a good Bumper and I’ll be supporting Harry’s horse, who cost £115,000….but not with money, just the odd “come on!”

3-10 – It’s Harry’s horse again for money here, KING ROLAND 5/2 > 11/8 overnight, now 5/6….you can have any price you like about the rest and having had a wind-op and a first time tongue tie fitted, it looks like they’ll be disappointed if this one gets beaten.

3-45– The market here is suggesting GRANIA O’MALLEY is going to be very difficult to beat, 13/2 > 7/2 and that money has come in the last hour or so. The favourite is 0-11 over fences, the third favourite has not run for 283 days and the rest are out with the tide.

It looks like this previous course winner might be ready to return to form….which he’d need to do!

4-20 – Nice to see a card finish with a Chase, even if it is a Class 5. Two are seemingly more fancied than the rest:

  • JOLY MAKER 11/2 > 9/2
  • CITY NEVER SLEEPS – 8/1 > 6/1

One big priced one, EL SCORPIO has moved….28/1 > 12/1….two runs last year, pulled up in both….but this is a Class5 so expect the unexpected.

Best of luck!

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