And then there was two…Lingfield abandoned


Brilliant results produced from all areas of The World Of Sport and Post Racing, the Podcast producing a 9/1 double for those that used the two selections Sean Trivass and I put up as “Something for the Weekend”. The Ratings were terrific, the OMM’s outstanding and Liverpool put a cherry on my cake by winning again.

Lingfield has gone….submerged but we’ll see what we can make of Huntingdon and Carlisle. By the way, I’ve decided I’ll not name those horses that were advised to my Post Racing subscribed members here, I’ll just allude to them. If you would like to access my Ratings and those OMM’s please visit and select the package that suits you best.


12-15 – We had a long odds on favourite here but the support for RAASHDY 11/1 > 6/1, has seen CHEF DE TROUPE ease from 2/5 > 8/15.

It’s a Claiming Handicap and I’m wondering why that favourite is in here? He beat TEGEREK easily at Perth and that one won at Cheltenham last week? Yours for £12k if you fancy him.

Not a race that interests me for betting purposes.

12-48 – ORCHESTRAL RAIN is a strong favourite, fluctuating between 15/8 and 6/4, now 13/8 as I type but nothing is being backed to beat it.

CAMOUFLAGED makes debut for Charlie Mann but despite cheekpieces on debut, I doubt we’ll see that winning (sorry, I just could not help myself). He cost £90k out of Mark Johnston’s and opened just 4/1….now 6/1….seems nobody else can see it winning, either (sorry, I did it again!).

1-18 – Nine go to post here but it’s only PERFECT MYTH punters are interested in punting. Not a mover as such and it’s 5/4 > 11/10 but the second, third and fourth favourites are drifting and four of these trade 50/1 of bigger.

Bryony Frost will be hoping her Sunday involves less rolling around on the ground than yesterday and this does look like a winner.

1-49 – Only six going to post and the front two on the tissue are rock solid against the other four. The favourite, ESPOIR DE ROMAY, first run following a wind-op and wearing a first time tongue-tie, is very strong, 6/5 > 10/11….but they let SENIOR CITIZEN hit 3/1 from an opening 9/4….quickly onto that they were….now 9/4 again. Dutch for a profit.

2-22 – My only rated race here and if the market is right, then I’m happy with playing my top three to a dutch.

2-55 – A monster of a steamer in here, DORADO DOLLAR 14/1 > 5/1 and it looks like a cat has been let out of a bag. INNISFREE LAD isn’t a weak favourite, 11/2 > 9/2 and the market is suggesting one of this pair picks up first prize. Dutch.

3-27 – LORD SPARKY is the only one for money here 8/1 > 7/2. This market had been quiet overnight….it’s making up for it now right enough! The trip might be an issue but the track won’t be, his only win under rules to date came at this track in April last year. A 20/80 only.

3-58 – Division II of this Class 5 to finish the meeting off and the front five on the morning tissue are drifting in the face of money for the 13 year old MIDNIGHT MUSTANG, 28/1 > 11/1….not raced for 243 days, not won since December 2018, a winner of just four of his 51 races under rules and you just say to yourself, “if he wins this, the rest must be pottering about on Blackpool beach next year, virus permitting!”


1-05 – The market is strong for the front three on this tissue, one of them an OMM in my morning Newsletter. At the current odds you make an 8% profit on the dutch but with me thinking the Rose Dobbin horses are 100% fit and ready to race, and with her responsible for the fourth favourite, LE CHEVAL NOIR, I would simply play a 20/80 the OMM advised this morning….1.9 first two places right now.

1-35 – The Skelton runner must be leaving the yard looking the worse for wear as he’s 9/4 > 7/2 here….a drift the Kon Tiki would applaud.

My OMM is still strong but I’m also seeing money for the Rose Dobbin runner, RATH AN LUIR 13/2 > 4/1….I’d be thinking a dutch, OMM with that one.

2-05 – Nothing strong on the tissue here so for me, it’d be a top three dutch using my Ratings.

2-40 – This is a good race but the players are currently leaving it well alone. The two horses being nibbled at are IMPERIAL AURA and SAM BROWN but, I’d suggest that’s more to do with the superb stable form of both yards they race for.

One to just watch and enjoy.

3-10 – No shock to see KID COMMANDO taken out after his excursions yesterday but all that has done is sent the markets apoplectic as they’d put him in as a short priced favourite. I have rated this race but it now has a new shape to it and I’d not bet using them.

3-45 – My last rated race here and I was not a bit surprised to see one being punted to the exclusion of all others. It was notified to my Post Racing subscribed members this morning and it is still attracting support.

This is a cracking good race and I’d definitely expect to see my figures, with Stake Management applied, producing a profit.

4-15 – Never have been a fan of playing Bumpers but if you don’t mind, then I’ll tell you they want KARL PHILIPPE 11/4 > 7/4….just not for me.

Best of luck!

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