Only 21 races today but we’ve sifted out the gold from the dirt!


Some superb “spots” yesterday with clues aplenty for those reading this page. A proper gamble landed in the Newbury Bumper at 4-15pm when SKYTASTIC, advised 20/1 > 15/2, won @ 6/1. Over at Sedgefield, the last two races were won by horses noted as MMM’s in LOSTNFOUND, and HOT GOSSIP, who won easily @ 10/1

That’s what these articles are all about. I’ve developed a criteria for reading the markets and the results speak for themselves.


11-55 – The front pair on the tissue are not weak but LUSTLEIGH, who opened 9/4 second favourite, is now 7/2 and sliding.

FISCAL PRUDENCE, making debut for Harry Whittington, is the one of the top four attracting cash, 7/1 > 11/2.

Not a race I’m interested in from a punting angle.

12-25 – My Post Racing subscribed members were advised of an OMM in this race, this morning, and they still want to get the money down.

1-00 – Punters are now coming for ALLMANKIND, 13/8 > 8/11. Everything else is drifting and this previous course winner looks “the one”.

1-35 – The first of my two rated races and with two of my top three well fancied, and my third highest rated horse an MMM (morning market mover), I’m more than happy to work as would be usual.

2-10 – The second of my rated races and we have a very erratic market. My top two rated horses seemingly left stables minus legs and are bad drifters. If I had to point to one horse that could be considered more strongly supported than any other, if would be DENTLEY DE MEE 10/1 > 13/2 but it just feels very weird and I’d be leaving this one alone.

2-45 – A Conditional Jockeys’ Handicap and again, the market is all over the place. I advised my Post Racing membership of an OMM this morning and he’s still strong but I’m seeing another one supported, DEFUTURE IS BRIGHT, 14/1 > 8/1.

Dutch the pair.

3-20 – Division I of the Bumper and plenty of unknown quantities here. Two for money would be FLIRTATIOUS GIRL 4/1 > 3/1 and ALFIDA 20/1 > 8/1

We saw that one yesterday get backed off the boards to win at Newbury and ALFIDA may have only run seventh on debut but two have come out of that race and won at Ascot.


3-50 – Division II….it’s always interesting watching the Bumper markets, even if the races themselves often becomes laws unto themselves!

Two again being supported “properly”:

  • BLUE SANS 9/4 > 6/4
  • MARSHMALLO – 12/1 > 8/1

If you are happy playing Bumpers, again, consider a dutch.


12-50 – They kick off here with a Maiden but the favourite is strong, 11/8 > E and the OMM advised this morning is holding his position.

Of the front four on the tissue CONKWELL LEGEND is weakest, 5/1 > 8/1. After an initial slide 11/2 > 15/2, ATOMIC JACK was quickly pulled back in and is now 6/1.


1-25 – Only four going to post for this Beginners Chase and if the market is right, one of DANSE IDOL / DEJA VUE, wins it. Not a profit worth going after though and at the prices, I’d just watch to see if any of them can actually jump properly.

2-00 – The first of my three rated races here. Nothing is attracting a brass farthing and they seem unable to give anything away. I would simply trust my figures and work to Stake Management rules.

2-35 – The second of my three Rated races here and whilst we have an OMM, it’s now my second highest rated horse they are getting stuck right into. The Stake Management advise in the Newsletter is still how I’d look to play this.

3-10 – After this we are done with my Rated races here and it’s a shame to see the morning favourite has been withdrawn but that means Post Racing subscribed members now get to employ Natural Progression and insert my fourth highest rated into their play.

The Market has simply radically adjusted to take into account the favourite coming out but I’m happy my new top three will do something for us.

3-45 – A Class 5 which I do not work with for Ratings. We have a proper mover here though, CHEQUE EN BLANC 6/1 > 9/4F….my morning OMM has drifted in the face of this money and you would have to dutch the two to make a profit from this now, me thinks.

4-15 – The OMM has been taken out and it’s not a market telling me much of anything now. I’d call it quits after collecting your profit from the race above.


1-10 – Heavy ground here and I envisage non-runners….two are out here. One of those taken out was my OMM….now a race I’d leave be as it’s just market adjustments, with nothing particularly strong.

1-45 – It’s 16/1 bar two, the favourite is 3/10 and we don’t need to bother ourselves with this race.

2-20 – This is all about the OMM….but I’m also now seeing money for SLANELOUGH, 3/1 > 13/8….so a near 50% profit if one of those two wins. That would be acceptable.

2-55 – Another Class 5 and the money horses are CLASSICAL SOUND 13/2 > 7/2, THE MAYNE MAN 10/1 > 11/2. The favourite, CUDGEL, is strong enough and a three horse dutch at current odds makes a nice profit if it lands.

3-30 – MCGINTY’S DREAM is a weak favourite to win this Class 5 Conditional Jockey’s race with three being backed to beat it.

  • A LADIES MAN – 6/1 > 4/1
  • COMMANDING SPIRIT – 10/1 > 13/2
  • JUST GEORGIE – 16/1 > 10/1

A tidy profit if one of that trio were to win the thing but it’s a race to work to minimum staking only.

4-05 – They finish with a Maiden Hurdle and it’s the front pair on the tissue looking set to pay, THE LONGEST DAY, sitting third favourite, easy to back.

Another profit not to be sniffed at, it you can land it….it’ll add gravy to the meat.

Best of luck!

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