It’s Badger Day, our Core season begins!


This is the day I’ve been waiting for, since we upped stumps on the flat season on October 1st. The Badger Beer Chase at Wincanton, for me, signifies the new NH season has arrived and we are going to see the better horses coming out, the bigger yards firing on all cylinders, and we will start making some serious profits from our betting…..hopefully!

Let’s start todays winner hunt at Wincanton.


12-40 – The favourite, OLEG, is very weak, 7/4 > 3/1 whilst money is coming for the Hobbs trained course and distance winner KEEP MOVING, 12/1 > 13/2.

It’s got a good competitive feel to it for a Conditional Jockey’s race….20/80 that mover seems a plan.

1-15 – Nothing is being backed to beat FLIC OU VOYOU, but it’s not a race for punting….4/11 in a Novices’ Hurdle…no way, Jose.

1-50 – The first of my two rated races here and I advised my subscribed membership of an OMM this morning, which is still strong and now money too for my second highest rated so, all looking good and the morning advice on how to work this race is looking studly and buffed.

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2-25 – The layers seem to be attempting to suck players in my now offering you 8/11 GRAND SANCY….was 8/13. None of the three taking part is being supported and like me, they seea falsely run event not worth risking a carrot on.

3-00 – My Podcast “Something for The Weekend” selection runs here and it’s also been an OMM….what is not to like! If you would like to listen in to the Podcast CLICK HERE….I’ve already nailed a Breeders Cup winner in this weeks episode (don’t ask me how!), and it would be seriously funky if Sean and I were to follow up last weekends 9/1 double!

3-35 – Money for three horses since my morning Newsletter went out:

  • DANNY WHIZZBANG – 11/2 > 4/1
  • MY WAY – 9/1 > 6/1
  • CHAMPAGNE COURT – 12/1 > 13/2

PRESENT MAN, the morning favourite, is taking the mother and father of a walk in the market….my Profiling said it couldn’t win, the market agrees….11/2 > 8/1.

I’d still be happy going 20/80 the Profile selection.

4-05 – The favourite, MONT SEGUR, is solid if a fluctuating favourite and the only other horse they want on side is SILENT REVOLUTION….looks like a Dutch snaffles the profit!


12-00 – LORD DU MESNIL is rock solid @ 8/11 with only SUNSET WEST seen as credible opposition by the players. The dutch at current BF odds secures a near 20% profit if you fancy it.

12-32 – I have three Rated races here this afternoon and the market loves them. My top rated is favourite, my third highest rated is an MMM (morning market mover), and it looks like we have this race bang to rights.

1-07 – Loving my work here today and this morning I advised Post Racing subscribed members that my third highest rated, and in the dutch, was an OMM….and it has shortened further since the Newsletter went out.

Another being supported now is COOLE HILL. The Rose Dobbin yard is in serious form right now and it looks like they fancy this to run a big one, too.

My Post Racing members might consider introducing it into their dutch.

1-42 – My bottom rated horse here was advised an OMM (overnight market mover), and it is still strong. One horse now though is not so much “moving”, as “body popping”!…..LOOKS LIKE MURT has been let out of the bag….10/3 > 9/4 clear favourite and my Post Racing members reading this should now consider dropping my third highest rated horse in favour of that one. Your dutch would now look like this:

  • Rated horse 1
  • Rated horse 2
  • Rated horse 5
  • Rated horse 11

2-17 – Since my morning Newsletter went out, this market has gone bazonkers.

The three horse dutch you should no be considering are:

  • THE FERRY MASTER – 9/4 > 2/1
  • SCOTTISH ACCENT – 8/1 > 4/1
  • BAKO DE LA SAULAIE – 15/2 > 11/2

Even MILLARVILLE is attracting support – 14/1 > 8/1

If I had to point to one looking strongest, it would be THE FERRY MASTER.

2-52 – It’s a Class 5 Handicap Hurdle but we have another market positively bouncing….sitting here rubbing my hands together!

  • LEOSTAR – 7/2 > 5/2
  • HITMAN FRED – 8/1 > 5/1
  • BROADWAY JOE – 14/1 > 6/1

That looks like your dutch.

3-27 – The morning second and third favourites on the morning tissue have been given the “shepherds crook” and so we have a massive tissue adjustment as opposed to market movement.

However, one horse is being punted properly, ELLE EST GRANDE 8/1 > 7/2. The 10lb claimer booked to ride was on board a winner earlier this week for Dalgleish and it looks like he’s well worth that claim and is going to be landing a few bets for connections.

A 20/80.

3-57 – The Bumper and just one is being backed, FETE CHAMPETRE 11/2 > 7/2.

The morning favourite SAMBEZI is not weak though and I’d suggest a two horse dutch.


12-25 – The OMM is very, very strong. and only one other horse has seen players going in, DOCPICKEDME 6/1 > 4/1.

Guts are saying they finish 1-2 in market order and if I were playing this race it would be the CSF only.

1-00 – A Novice Handicap Chase and if the winner is outside the front three on the tissue I’ll be surprised. My morning OMM is still very strong and clearly expected but two others really are looking like they too are “expected” to run close, if not win….NORTHOFTHEWALL 3/1 > 2/1, CANELO 16/1 > 9/1 and I’d be looking at a three horse dutch, maybe even tinker with exotics?

1-35 – PORTRUSH TED is steady at the head of the market, GOLAN FORTUNE is 7/1 > 5/1, my top rated is being supported, and playing this race now (this is me), I’d just have a 20/80 my top rated.

It has a messy feel to it, I cannot figure out why Willie Mullins has sent just one horse over, EIGHT AND BOB, which is 15/2 > 12/1

Not a race I fancy getting a wedge out for.

2-10 – My second rated race here and chunks of cash for my fourth highest rated now have me thinking we need a four horse dutch here, to extrapolate a profit from it.

I’d definitely be on the four, dutched.

2-40 – I’m still happy going 20/80 with my Podcast selection for this event. It’s as tight as the proverbial drum but the reasoning provided in the Podcast was so if you fancy a listen, CLICK HERE.

3-20 – My last rated race here and it’s a cracker. You really have no idea how much I’m looking forward to the racing today, win, lose or draw.

My subscribed members now need to bring in ROUGH NIGHT for a four horse dutch because the market suggests it’s “off”….13/2 > 4/1 second favourite. I’m happy with my figures, they look sound, especially my top rated, but it makes sense to draw that safety blanket around us and play four in the dutch.

3-50 – Market says, “one of the front two on the tissue wins….ROCK LEGEND 2/1 > 6/4, HEAR ME OUT drifting 6/5 > 13/8….but it’s 11/2 bar and you could do worse than take the 33% profit available to you in the event the market has it right.

Best of luck!

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