Good racing, the markets are bouncing and the winners there to be backed!


I had an e-mail from a member yesterday, saying they were unsure as to how to work with the information I post here. It’s entirely up to you. These are not “tips”, this is me watching the markets, checking the stats, telling you what I’ve found and you then using it, or not using it. How you use it, if you do, that’s for you to decide.

For instance, two races at Stratford yesterday highlighted three horses being supported, they finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their respective races and produced trifectas paying nice profits. Will that always work out? Of course it wont but, like yesterday, sometimes it will.


To save me repeating myself when we come to a race that has been covered in a Post Racing Subscribers Newsletter, I’ll just discuss those races here, that have produced something to work with, since that Newsletter went out. If you would like to subscribe to Post Racing and receive the best private handicap figures available please click here

1-00 – Division I of a Class 5 Handicap Hurdle being run on heavy ground, a ground none of those taking part has won on previously. Several are being supported e.w. at huge prices:

  • HARRY HAZE – 14/1 > 9/1
  • OUTISAID – 16/1 > 9/1
  • MILAN OF CRYSTAL – 40/1 > 20/1

What will I be doing with this race….I couldn’t possibly use that kind of language here.

2-40 – This was my only rated race here. Now down to five runners, I have binned it. They have pulled out the morning second favourite (my top rated horse), and it’s simply piffle now.

3-10 – The only horse for money here is ANEMOI 5/1 > 10/3F and everything bar COCONUT SPLASH is on the drift. I’d dutch that pair to make a profit.


12-40 – DIAMOND RIVER is a very strong favourite 2/1 > 7/4 and I’d suggest a dutch of the front three on the tissue might bring a profit home. Outside that trio everything is on the drift.

1-40 – VEGAS BLUE is long odds on @ 2/7 to land this five runner novices’ hurdle and we don’t need to concern ourselves wit this race.

2-48 – The horse punters are interested in here is STORM GODDESS 6/1 > 4/1. This horse rated ninth best on my figures and should now be introduced into a four horse dutch.

An outsider being played e.w. is WHO’S MY JOCKEY 25/1 > 11/1 and this previous CD winner is wearing first time headgear today.

I’m happy my figures with that market mover will produce a profit.


12-50 – The market is speaking favourably for two of the front three on the tissue right now, BASS ROCK, who is fluctuating but not weak, and THE CARETAKER 7/1 > 5/1.

SEVERANCE sits second favourite 5/2 > 11/4 > 3/1 and a three horse dutch produces a near 20% profit.

1-20 – The Sandy Thomson/Ryan Mania combination is going well right now and we’ll see money for their horses until that fire goes out….which it will. However, players are fanning those flames here, ELF DE RE 10/3 > 15/8.

The morning favourite, CHAMPAGNE WELL isn’t weak though and I find a two horse dutch at current Betfair prices offers me a nice profit. I’ll go for that.

2-56 – Not a race I’m interested in for betting purposes. Only four go to post, it’s a novices’ hurdle, the favourite is a horse that likes to see one in front of it but the only one being backed to beat it is STUNG FOR CASH 4/1 > 3/1, and that horse has been missing almost as long as Lucan.

One to watch only.


  • CHEPSTOW 2-40
  • KEMPTON 2-15
  • KEMPTON 2-48
  • KEMPTON 3-20
  • CARLISLE 1-50
  • CARLISLE 3-30


  • CARLISLE 1-50
  • CARLISLE 2-25
  • CARLISLE 3-30
  • CARLISLE 4-00
  • CHEPSTOW 12-30
  • CHEPSTOW 1-30
  • CHEPSTOW 2-05
  • CHEPSTOW 3-45
  • CHEPSTOW 4-15
  • KEMPTON 1-10
  • KEMPTON 2-15
  • KEMPTON 3-53

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