An amazing day yesterday, let’s see what we can do with this lot!


Outstanding winners poured out of the Rated races and OMM’s section yesterday including ARD CHROS 12/1, SCHIAPARANNIE 11/1, CYCLOP 8/1, MERCIAN PRINCE 11/2 and STORM GODDESS 4/1….you will need to be a subscribed Post Racing member to access the daily Newsletter but I’d respectfully suggest 69p per day is value.

Today we have Huntingdon, Hereford and Lingfield…..starting with that first named track.


12-15 – This has turned farcical….second favourite pulled out, we now have a 1/4 shot as our favourite. Moving swiftly on.

12-45 – A two runner race. Not interested.

1-15 – An OMM was provided in the morning Newsletter. To access the Ratings and OMM’s please subscribe for a package by clicking here.

1-45 – An OMM was provided in the morning Newsletter. To access the Ratings and OMM’s please subscribe for a package by clicking here.

2-15 – What I’d describe as a “novelty race” but we do have a mover here, MIAMI PRESENT 12/1 > 13/2….if you fancy taking 13/2 about a horse that has pulled up in three of its four races so far this term, feel free. I’ll just watch.

2-45 – Division I of a Class 5 Handicap Hurdle and two being supported are PROJECT MARS 4/1 > 9/4 and AKKAPENKO 11/2 > 7/2….I’d be thinking a dutch brings home a profit if they bring their “A” game to the track…..Class 5….will they?

3-15 – Division II and the original OMM we have two movers, and another rock solid second favourite so, a three horse dutch here:

  • JUST MARVIN – 7/1 > 5/1

Again you will be hoping these Class 5 horses perform on the day.

3-50 – We have an additional mover here, SILENT PARTNER 4/1 > 11/4….dutch with the OMM.


12-37 – Gut feeling here is the players cannot work it out. It is 20/1 bar three, one of those front three will win the race, but it’s one of those races I myself am happy to leave alone.

1-07 – My morning Newsletter indicated an OMM but since that hit the inboxes two others are now attracting support and I’d be advising a dutch three:

  • MR PALMTREE – 7/1 > 11/2
  • LOVE THE LEADER – 16/1 > 7/1

Add the morning OMM, minimum staking.

1-37 – The market has woken and three are seeing support here:

  • MICK MONA – 13/2 > 4/1
  • GETAWAY MAG – 9/1 > 13/2
  • NUMITOR – 14/1 > 9/1

Again, a race to work to minimum staking.

2-07 – It’s the Tizzard runner, HIGHEST SUN drawing punters in here 8/1 > 7/2 and whilst the favourite, TOWN PARKS, is solid @ 3/1, I’d suggest a two horse dutch

2-37 – The morning odds on favourite is very weak, 4/6 > 11/10 and the two supported are:

  • LIES ABOUT MILAN – 11/4 > 15/8
  • DIOMEDE DES MOTTES – 11/2 > 7/2

The dutch looks sound but of that pair, it’s LIES ABOUT MILAN that would be strongest.

3-07 – A three runner race, 1/4 favourite, move on.

3-37 – We have a new favourite here, as punters come in for DREWMAIN LEGEND 9/2 > 10/3 but we also have a big priced one on the move, GIGA WHITE 20/1 > 9/1. Everything else is on the drift and a two horse dutch may bring home some bacon.

4-12 – I advised my Post Racing subscribed members of two OMM’s here attracting support and since then WINDS OF FIRE has joined them….7/1 > 9/2….go three horse dutch now.


12-53 – A very weak favourite, the Olly Murphy trained RESTANDBETHANKFUL 8/11 > 5/4 as support comes for BROTHER WINDSOR 5/1 > 10/3 and WHAT A GLANCE 9/1 > 11/2.

If I play this race it will be a dutch the movers.

RAIFF is 40/1 > 25/1 is being nibbled at to place money….running second time following a wind-op.

1-23 – TAKE YOUR TIME is getting a hammering in the market right now 10/3 > 7/4 and he looks the likely winner. Two huge priced ones are being played to place, GET YOUR OWN 33/1 > 18/1 and the Chris Gordon trained STRAIGHT SWAP 50/1 > 18/1 but the favourite looks a proper one.

1-53 – We had an OMM in here but again we’ll need to dutch with HANG TOUGH, who is now the new favourite having been punted 4/1 >11/4.

The market does suggest it’s one of that pair winning this.

If you would like to access the morning Newsletters, please click here to select a package.

2-23 – IMPHAL is attracting heavy support 4/1 > 5/2 with the rest weak against it. I’d be thinking I could go with that one.

MOUNT WINDSOR was supported earlier 5/2 > 15/8…now 2/1 as that money has come for the second favourite.

2-53 – A very weak Class 5 Chase but punters have latched on to a pair here:

  • TIMCODA – 6/1 > 7/2
  • COLONEL KEATING – 16/1 > 8/1

They cannot give away the morning favourite, MILEAN NA MADOG 9/4 > 5/1 and if you felt the need for a three horse dutch, AVOIR DE SOINS is one they won’t let get overpriced, rock steady 5/1, would be an insurance policy.

3-23 – My figures and the market have this boxed off, if you would like to receive those, please click here and select a package.

3-58 – Only one is being backed to give the favourite a race, IMPULSIVE LEADER 10/1 > 13/2 but it does look good for DESQUE DE L’ISLE.

A dutch at current BF odds pays a profit of around 30%

Best of luck!

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