Serious profits achieved yesterday and three more meetings to work with this afternoon


Yesterday I found some things between 9-00am and 11-00am, that ensured those reading the racing section made a profit from their betting. I spend many hours getting this right. I have to because what I produce I also work with and it pays my bills.

If you are reading this page and not yet making a donation please give some consideration to doing so because if, come January 1st, I do not have 200 regular donators of £10 minimum per month, this site will cease to be and I’ll not post this work up anywhere else.

Examples from yesterday:

“2-45 – Division I of a Class 5 Handicap Hurdle and two being supported are PROJECT MARS 4/1 > 9/4 and AKKAPENKO 11/2 > 7/2….I’d be thinking a dutch brings home a profit if they bring their “A” game to the track…..Class 5….will they?” – PROJECT MARS – WON 6/4

“1-07 – My morning Newsletter indicated an OMM but since that hit the inboxes two others are now attracting support and I’d be advising a dutch three:

  • MR PALMTREE – 7/1 > 11/2
  • LOVE THE LEADER – 16/1 > 7/1

Add the morning OMM, minimum staking.” – MR PALMTREE – WON 4/1

“2-07 – It’s the Tizzard runner, HIGHEST SUN drawing punters in here 8/1 > 7/2 and whilst the favourite, TOWN PARKS, is solid @ 3/1, I’d suggest a two horse dutch” – TOWN PARKS – WON 9/4

“3-37 – We have a new favourite here, as punters come in for DREWMAIN LEGEND 9/2 > 10/3 but we also have a big priced one on the move, GIGA WHITE 20/1 > 9/1. Everything else is on the drift and a two horse dutch may bring home some bacon.” – DREWMAIN LEGEND – WON 13/2

“12-53 – A very weak favourite, the Olly Murphy trained RESTANDBETHANKFUL 8/11 > 5/4 as support comes for BROTHER WINDSOR 5/1 > 10/3 and WHAT A GLANCE 9/1 > 11/2.

If I play this race it will be a dutch the movers.

RAIFF 40/1 > 25/1 is being nibbled at to place money….running second time following a wind-op.” – RAIFF – WON 11/1

“1-53 – We had an OMM in here but again we’ll need to dutch with HANG TOUGH, who is now the new favourite having been punted 4/1 >11/4.

The market does suggest it’s one of that pair winning this.” – HANG TOUGH – WON 10/3

“2-53 – A very weak Class 5 Chase but punters have latched on to a pair here:

  • TIMCODA – 6/1 > 7/2
  • COLONEL KEATING – 16/1 > 8/1

They cannot give away the morning favourite, MILEAN NA MADOG 9/4 > 5/1 and if you felt the need for a three horse dutch, AVOIR DE SOINS is one they won’t let get overpriced, rock steady 5/1, would be an insurance policy.” – AVIOR DE SOINS – WON 17/2


12-35 – Post Racing subscribed members knew of a mover here before 10-00pm last night. It has shortened further and if you would like to subscribe for a Post Racing package, you can do so by clicking here.

Two others are being nibbled at:

  • SHE’S A ROCCA – 7/1 > 5/1
  • GOLD RUNNER – 22/1 > 11/1

However, the OMM is shortening still further and I’m happy with the play I have already created myself last night.

1-10 – The morning Newsletter advised Post Racing members of an OMM here and so, again, if you would like that information, please click that link above.

The favourite, ALAPHILIPPE is by no means weak though and I’d be inclined to now set up a dutch with the OMM.

1-45 – Yet another race in which we had an OMM and as that is also a rated race, Post Racing subscribed members know exactly how to turn a profit from it.

2-20 – The only horse for money here is the outsider of the four, who has not raced for 599 days, SEEMORELIGHTS 14/1 > 8/1. The other three are not weak by any means but this looks trappy and I’d swerve it.

2-50 – My second rated race here and again we have an OMM. Well supported, too and with nothing being backed to beat it, it looks like my top three rated will produce a good outcome.

3-25 – This meeting is fully covered by Ratings and OMM’s and again here, I’d be very surprised if this one loses as it is extremely strong on the tissue.


12-45 – The second favourite has been pulled out so all I’m seeing is market adjustments although the OMM advised in the morning Newsletter is still strong. I’d stick to my 20/80 that one.

1-20 – STORMY IRELAND is a very strong, short priced favourite and the only other runner for money is ELUSIVE BELLE. A near 20% profit to a dutch at current Betfair prices.

1-55 – A Rated and we had a well supported OMM here but that is now easing slightly as support comes for NOTACHANCE 9/1 > 5/1. The market strongly suggests it is between one of that pair so I’d be looking to dutch four, as advised, as that one named is already in my top three.

2-28 – PYRAMID PLACE is an extremely weak favourite, 1/2 > 10/11 and it’s another race my subscribed members knew of an OMM this morning. I’m now also seeing a mover for NURIEL 20/1 > 11/1 with ADMIRAL BALKO a rock steady second favourite at 5/2.

I’m thinking a dutch, that pair plus the morning OMM….giving the tissue favourite a wide berth.

3-00 – Only four going to post here and I’m seeing nothing that suggests I get involved here.

3-33 – My third rated race here and Post Racing subscribed members would now be introducing a bottom rated favourite into the dutch. MINT CONDITION is the only horse shortening to any degree right now, 5/2 > 2/1….not a mover as such, just the only critter doing anything.

4-05 – Last night the Newsletter advised a move for one and whilst it is now easier to back, it still looks fancied. I’m going to dutch with the favourite as I’m getting a profit in excess of 40% if it comes off.

The fly in the ointment might be SALOPIAN BOY, 10/1 > 7/1 but that looks like place money to me.


12-55 – The tissue suggests the winner of this sits at or near the head of the tissue and if you wished to get involved, a dutch THE COMPOSEUR 5/1 > 7/2F, HAWK’S WELL 5/1 > 4/1 and CASPERS COURT fluctuating between 5/1 > 4/1 could be a way in but it’s not a race that interests me for punting purposes.

1-30 – RANCH HAND is a very strong odds on favourite here, currently 8/15….ARCADIAN PERAL is interesting some, 11/2 > 9/2 and if a dutch floats your boat, it looks a profit in waiting.

2-05 – We have a right old steamer here, MARLEY FIRTH my ninth best on figures 12/1 > 9/2 second favourite. Post Racing subscribed members would now introduce that horse into the dutch.

2-36 – My subscribed members knew of an OMM here and that horse is rock steady at the price advised in the Newsletter. The favourite, OFALLTHEGINJOINTS 9/4 > 15/8, is by no means weak though and MANNING ESTATE 25/1 > 14/1 is certainly interesting a good few folk. I’d now be inclined to create a three horse dutch.

3-10 – It’s evens a pair here and one of them wins it. I’m a fan of FIDDLERONTHEROOF and hope he wins this but not a betting race.

3-41 – Nothing is being punted to beat the OMM in this rated race and I’d just apply Stake Management rules and take what comes.

4-11 – My OMM here is still looking studly and buffed and it’ll be a surprise to most if that one and BORN IN BORRIS 11/4 > 2/1, doesn’t win it.

Best of luck!

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