Three meetings again and a lot going on….22 races covered across three meetings!


More profits yesterday, more people now inclined to make a donation to keep this place live and because of their generosity, I’ll be inviting a new writer on board next week. That’s all this is about. Making you a profit from your betting, you in turn donating for the information and advice, and my then using those donations to provide employment for people who will be looking to create even more profit for you.


12-35 – We have an extremely strong favourite here, SHORE SHANTY E > 4/6 but also a longshot from Ireland attracting coppers e.w. that have seen the price collapse, EIGHTYTWO TEAM 80/1 > 25/1.

I think the favourite wins but odds on in a Maiden, not on your Nelly.

1-07 – We have an OMM here but also a strong favourite in GO AS YOU PLEASE, 7/4 > 6/4 and whilst not a mover, the fact everything else is drifting badly and they go 6/1 bar, is a sign it’s most likely the winner. You could still dutch the pair to attract a profit.

1-40 – Only four going to post here and only two have a realistic chance of success….if they complete. The market seems to favour VALLERES but I’ll swerve this one myself.

2-15 – My only rated race here and my top rated is drifting like the Kon Tiki 15/8 > 10/3. You now have a bottom rated favourite to bring into your dutch and my own play now will be rated horses 2, 3 and 7….I’ll keep an eye on the markets for a little while longer before playing though….it’ll be interesting to see how that top rated goes.

2-50 – Two horses advised as OMM’s in the morning Newsletter and I’m happy to play a dutch that pair.

3-25 – A Conditional and Amateur Riders Handicap in which nothing right now suggests an investment. If I were thinking of three to work with based on what has happened thus far, it would be LYGON ROCK, MOON OF BARODA, MERRY MILAN but right now, I’m abstaining.

3-55 – The Bumper to finish and if you like playing this kind of race, then the three for money are:


The last named has been played e.w. 40/1 > 16/1…the trainer of that one has sent two for Bumpers here in the last five years and both failed. I’d be inclined to look at the other pair.


11-50 – The two that were heading the tissue early doors are going out on the tide:

  • CHECK MY PULSE – 6/5 > 7/4
  • HEARTBREAK KID – 5/4 > 7/4

That is because PARA QUEEN 7/1 > 5/1 and PENNINE CROSS 10/1 > 5/1 are strong against them.

It is a very weak looking contest that doe not inspire me to play, at all.

12-20 – A Class 5 Handicap Chase and the only play I’m considering here is a 20/80 GRAND COUREUR. Currently third favourite and absolutely rock solid, whilst the fourth favourite is drifting and the front two on the tissue fluctuating. ARMATTIEKAN 15/8 > 2/1 > 15/8 and CYBALKO 4/1 > 9/2 > 5/1 > 4/1 > 7/2.

The second of that pair is still a maiden after 20 runs under rules and if I were considering a dutch, it would be ARMATTIEKAN / GRAND COUREUR….most likely just that 20/80 though.

12-52 – Division I of a Conditional Jockey’s event. Class 5, and the OMM I advised my Post Racing subscribed members of in the morning Newsletter is now weak as support is seen for PLENTY OF BUTTY 11/4 > 9/4 and HOT GOSSIP 5/1 > 7/2.

I’ll be going dutch the three now.

1-22 – Division II….only MAJOR SNUGFIT is seeing anything I’d even consider “support” as everything else is either simply fluctuating or drifting. I go 20/80 the Rebecca Menzies runner.

She has only saddled on winner in the last 14 days but most are running well (43% RTF….running to form).

1-57 – Only three running here, the favourite is drifting as the other two shorten. Just watch would be my best advice.

2-32 – The market suggests only one of two wins this….AFRICAN DANCE / C’EST LE BONHEUR and it’s 8/1 bar, the rest on the drift. You could dutch to make 20% profit at current BF odds but you are playing a maiden event here and I trust Olly Murphy horses as far as I can throw them right now.

3-07 – They finish with Class 5 Handicap Chase and it’s ECOSSAIS, racing second tie after a wind-op, first time visor 10/1 > 5/1 that is catching my eye market wise.

The front two on the tissue are not weak though, FOR JIM 4/1 > 3/1 and BOBMAHLER 7/2 > 10/3….three horse dutch, me thinks.

3-40 – My Rated race here and the OMM is very strong. Four horse dutch as Stake Management suggests. Very strong support now though for FLOATING ROCK 7/2 > 5/2 but I’ll stick to my guns and take it on the chin if it goes pear shaped.


I am currently in the process of checking the markets etc here….please keep refereshing as I’ll update as I go.

1-00 – Shocker….Selling Hurdle and you can keep it.

1-30 – The morning OMM is very strong. Just run with that one.

2-05 – This has turned into a bit of a farce I’m afraid. The favourite was already odds on when I finalised my work and now they’ve pulled the third favourite TOMORROW MYSTERY is now 2/5.

I am seeing support (in addition to a market adjustment), for my top rated horse but in all honesty it looks a gimme for the Nicholls runner now.

2-40 – A Rated race and the market is telling me nothing I’m afraid. It’s the figures or nowt.

3-15 – Again the morning OMM is extremely strong and the second, third and fourth favourites all weak. It is 33/1 bar the four and I’m thinking we have this right.

3-45 – Only five going to post but they are smashing into FALCON SUN, 5/1 >5/2 whilst the morning favourite, PETERBOROUGH, has been slipping out for the last few hours….6/4 > 5/2.

BUCKS BIN, 7/1 > 7/2 is also getting plenty of support and I’m thinking a dutch this pair of movers brings home a profit.

4-15 – My final Rated race of the day and my top rated horse isn’t weak. I am seeing money now for my fourth highest rated OUTONPATROL 4/1 > 11/4 and feel a four horse dutch there now makes sense.

Best of luck!

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