Superb results yesterday and all 15 races have been checked over for today.


Some terrific results from these pages yesterday and I hope you took advantage of winners such as SPEECH BUBBLE 16/1 > 6/1 – WON 17/2 and MAYHEM MYA 25/1 >12/1 – WON 15/2….and they were by no means the only winners readers were pointed in the direction of.

Two meetings at Wincanton and Market Rasen today and Post Racing subscribed members have received the names of 12 OMM’s and been provided with five Rated races.

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12-10 – Two horses dominating this market but one that was a huge price early doors is also seeing plenty of e.w. support:

  • PARIS DIXIE – 11/10 > 11/8 > 6/5
  • SIZABLE SAM – 9/4 > 7/4 > 15/8 > 2/1 > 9/4
  • ETAT MAJOR AULMES – 33/1 > 12/1

You could dutch three but I’d be inclined to work with the two trading shortest.

12-40 – Again two horses dominate this market. BEYOND THE PALE is 6/4 > 11/10 and ZYON 11/4 > 9/4. Nothing is being supported to cause an upset, the third favourite now drifting 5/1 > 8/1 so a dutch that pair will hopefully secure a profit.

1-10 – This has been a lively market since my Newsletter went out and I’ve a pair that can be described as “movers”:

  • DOCTE DINA – 11/4 > 9/4
  • SASHENKA – 13/2 > 7/2

The second named recently moved from Sylvester Kirk and arrives an 81 rated horse from the flat. He had been running very well, and in his 18 race career to date, has won four and been placed in seven others so, ultra consistent in his grade.

You take on trust that he can jump but the market is indicating he has let nobody down at home.

Two horse dutch.

1-40 – One sitting in my top three is now a most definite mover. Confidence is bolstered by what I’ve seen even if, right now, my top rated could be described as weak.

2-12 – My second and final rated race here. The market is in sync with my figures, save for a pair now being supported that sit 6th and 9th best of the 12 going to post.

FLAGRANT DELITIEP 8/1 > 11/2 and LEGEND OF ZORRO 14/1 > 8/1 make this very interesting and if I’m going to dutch four, than I’d be taking the highest rated of that pair, as it also trades shortest. In this case then FLAGRANT DELITIEP would come into that play.

We shall see if my decision making is awry!

2-42 – The OMM advised to Post Racing subscribed members is still proving attractive to players and so I’m happy sticking to my 20/80 guns that one.

3-12 – The morning favourite has been pulled out and a lot of what I’m seeing is down to fluctuations rather than actual “moves”. It’s therefore interesting that two, GOA LIL 3/1 > 9/2 and SCARDURA 7/1 > 8/1, are drifting.

If I were to play this one I’de be setting up a three horses dutch:

  • TAMAROC DU MATHAN – 5/2 > 6/4
  • JABOTICABA – 14/1 > 8/1
  • PRUDHOMME – 16/1 > 10/1

There is a hint they are most attractive to those betting this race right now.

3-42 – The OMM advised this morning is very strong. I know it’s only a hands and heels race for conditional jockeys but the guy riding that one is a proper jockey.


12-30 – It would seem people are finally wising up to Olly Murphy odds on shots in Novice events and the morning OMM advised is now 4/6 > 11/8 as all the money has come for STONER’S CHOICE 6/4 > 10/11.

I do not like the smell coming off this race one little bit and will swerve it for betting purposes.

1-00 – The OMM is still strong but I’m now also seeing money for PRECIOUS ELEANOR, who rates higher than the OMM….so….I’m personally going to drop the OMM and bring PRECIOUS ELEANOR into my own play.

Again, an element of decision making involved and it’s very much a case of, do you eat the walnut before the whip, or after? Neither is wrong, and it’ll be swings and roundabouts when it comes to this kind of situation.

1-30 – Two have been pulled out so simply a case here of “as you were in the morning Newsletter”.

2-03 – The morning OMM is still very much the play here. A little interest in BALLYHOME who drifted out from 4/1 > 11/2 before being supported back in….7/2 now.

The morning OMM is still the one I’m most interested in.

2-33 – My final Rated race and I’m happy to run with what was produced for the morning Newsletter. I’m happy thinking the winner is in my top three rated.

3-03 – The two OMM’s in this lady riders race are extremely strong and if you played them early this morning then you’ll love what I’m seeing in those markets right now.

3-33 – The Bumper….and the market likes three:

  • LUTTRELL LAD – 15/8 > 13/8
  • DOCTOR KEN – 9/2 > 7/2
  • WELL EDUCATED – 10/1 > 6/1

They cannot give TRANSLINK away 9/4 > 13/2 but as with all Bumpers, it’s a market you have to watch for as long as you can before hitting that bet button.

Best of luck!

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