Manor Park 25/1 > 10/1 – won 12/1 and Post Racing members knew the night before!


We have seen some gambles landed this week, a few we have been able to latch on to, several we have not. On Wednesday evening Post Racing subscribed members were provided with the information that MANOR PARK was seeing plenty of support and named as an early OMM. On this page yesterday I advised two others had also seen support during the morning, IVORS INVOLVEMENT 5/2 > 2/1 and SHANROE TIC TEC 7/1 > 5/1

MANOR PARK won 12/1, SHANROE TIC TEC finished second 7/2.

Plenty of racing today and we’ll start at Ascot


12-20 – A three runner Novices’ Chase, am 8/15 favourite and a no bet race on any day of the week.

12-55 – This Maiden Hurdle had an odds on shot earlier, TIME FLIES BY now 4/5 > 5/4. Nothing is being supported, nothing is weak but neither is it a race I’d want to work with.

1-30 – We have a strong favourite here in METIER 2/1 > 11/8 with the second favourite fluctuating between 15/8 and 2/1….TILE TAPPER was supported quite well after breakfast, 14/1 > 15/2….now eased slightly and is 8/1.

I’d dutch the front two on the tissue to snaffle a profit.

2-05 – A Rated race and a very lively market. My top rated is solid in the betting, my second highest rated now a big mover. I will simply play my figures as they have fallen.

2-40 – Post Racing subscribed members knew this morning how I felt about this rated race. However, I’m now seeing money for my 5th highest rated horse who appears here having first time head gear on, plus runs second time following a wind op. ROSIE AND MILLIE now comes into my dutch in place of (not a four horse dutch), BRANDON CASTLE, who has drifted from 20/1 > 40/1 and is clearly not expected to be “off” this afternoon.

3-15 – The OMM is on the drift and we have a new “mover” in the shape of PURE VISION 8/1 > 13/2. This horse has not been seen for 734 days, and that last run came after a break of 213 days so, just one racecourse appearance in nearly three years and a gamble is on….first run after a wind-op, too.

I’m going to suggest Post Racing members now replace the OMM with this horse, in their dutch.

3-45 – A good race to end on here and I’m seeing a punt on TIDE TIMES – 6/1 > 4/1. It sits second favourite between a pair that are rock solid, APPLE ROCK / CERTAINLY RED.

I will be dutching that trio.


12-05 – The OMM advised in the Post Racing Newsletter this morning is still attracting support. I’m already on 20/80 but only right to advise that the tissue favourite is not weak, AIRGEAD SUAS 9/4 > 2/1 > 9/4 and I’m also seeing ULTERIOR MOTIVES supported. This one was allowed to drift 7/1 > 9/1 but has swiftly been backed back in, now 13/2.

I may consider applying a dutch.

12-38 – Everything bar MAGNA MAGNOLIA is now on the drift, that favourite 6/5 > 5/6 having been supported at all rates in between. Several are fluctuating, none more so than GROUSEMAN, 12/1 > 16/1 > 20/1 > 16/1 > 10/1….I’d suggest that’s e.w. money.

1-13 – Another very lively market. It’s a Class 5 jobby and if I were to pluck three that suggested a dutch may yield a profit they would be:


That last named runs in first time cheekpieces and having drifted from 11/1 > 16/1, the best you can get now is 10/1.

1-48 – I actually noticed this early doors but thought I’d see how things went before saying anything. BIRCHDALE opened 1/6 last night but was 2/7 when I got out of bed and SNOOKERED was 6/1 > 3/1….now 4/1.

You can now have 4/11 about the favourite and I’m now seeing support for INFORMATEUR 9/1 > 6/1.

Not a race I’d get involved in even if Michael Palin threatened me with the comfy chair and a cushion.

2-23 – STORMIN NORMAN is 11/4 > 2/1, with BLAKENEY POINT (FIRST TIME WIND-OP), 9/2 > 7/2.

The rest drift and it’s a two horse dutch for a profit.

2-58 – What a mad market this has been, my only rated race here, too. It seems the only horse not fancied to win this is JUSTFORJAMES 8/1 > 18/1….and that critter is my top rated horse!

I would not apply my figures to your betting here. It simply smacks of “odd”.

A dutch rated horses 3, 5 and 6….with absolutely no confidence at all.

3-33 – Only one horse seeing support here, THE BOMBER LISTON 11/10 > 4/5….I’m not even seeing one to place so if you do not mind betting odds on in Bumpers, it’s all yours.


12-30 – I advised my subscribed members of a monster mover overnight but now I’m seeing the following:

  • CALVARIO – 12/1 > 7/1
  • GASTARA – 66/1 > 16/1

The favourite isn’t weak, neither is the second favourite. I have had a small 20/80 the OMM and that’ll be it for me here.

1-05 – Just five going to post here and absolutely nothing has attracted a penny piece by way of support.

1-40 – My first of three Rated races and we have a bottom rated favourite. It’s another race that has a very active market with just one runner quite simply rock solid in the betting. That horse is NO NO JULIET, sits second best on my figures and I’m just have a 20/80 that one.

2-15 – My top rated horse is very strong but I’m removing the OMM from my own dutch here and working with my top four rated as STORM FORCE BEN is 7/1 > 10/3 and extremely well supported.

2-50 – A very weak favourite here, ENZO D’AIRY 10/11 > 6/4 as we see even more support for the first of two horses named in the OMM’s section this morning. Money now too for SUPREME ESCAPE, 14/1 > 8/1 and SMITH CROSS 18/1 > 9/1 (first time cheekpieces).

I’m again just going to play a single 20/80 here, that first named one in that OMM’s section.

3-25 – How can anyone punt an Olly Murphy odds on shot in a Maiden? His recent record is absolutely shocking with such horses and if I were to bet this race (I wont be!!), it would be a 20/80 CHAMPAGNE RHYTHM.

4-00 – A bottom rated favourite to add to the dutch as SEXY LOT but it is another very strange market to have been watching. These horses are being nibbled at:

  • AMBION HILL – 8/1 > 6/1
  • FRISCO BAY – 12/1 > 9/1
  • TACTICAL MANOEUVRE – 14/1 > 9/1
  • KENNY GEORGE – 16/1 > 9/1
  • MERE ANARCHY – 14/1 > 10/1

I feel it’s a race to leave well alone.

Best of luck!

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