The Grey Falco 33/1 > 8/1 – WON 14/1….Post Racing members knew!


The number of gambles spotted this week, that have been landed, have been extraordinary but to take advantage of them all, you will need to be a subscribed member of Post Racing. THE GREY FALCO was advised to Post Racing subscribed members yesterday, who had been supported overnight from 33/1 > 8/1, and ended up winning very easily @ 14/1.

Let us see what today brings.


12-10 – Three very tight at the head of the tissue:

  • DO YOUR JOB – 9/4
  • FLIC OU VOYOU – 2/1 > 9/4
  • SEVERANCE – 9/4 > 5/2

It is 5/1 bar that trio and a dutch secures a profit of £16 to a stake of £100 spread across them but with my being unsure as to how good LLANDINABO LAD might be, and that one trading just 5/1 and racing second time following a wind-op, I’ll just watch.

12-40 – My first rated race here and whilst I’m happy with my figures, I’m now seeing support for SNOW LEOPARDESS – 8/1 > 11/2….bottom rated, we should now dutch four.

I’m also seeing strong support for my top rated and am reasonably confident we’ll draw a profit here.

1-15 – Not a penny for anything yet and I’ll happily stick with my Podcast selection.

1-50 – My second Rated race here and the information advised in my morning Newsletter to Post Racing subscribed members holds good. Further support for the OMM outside my top four rated in what will be a great race to watch!

2-25 – RELEGATE is being very well supported this morning, 7/1 > 5/1 and my own play here will now be rated horses 2, 4, 6 11….dutch four.

My top rated has drifted 16/1 > 28/1 and my third highest rated 16/1 > 50/1 and so it was a decision making moment.

3-00 – I’m again sticking to my Podcast guns here and running with LOSTINTRANSLATION. My reasoning was fully explained and if you would like to tune in for a listen you can do that here.

3-35 – A very lively market here, as it should be for a Saturday, with some very competitive handicaps waiting for us.

A rated race, with a bottom rated OMM this morning, that is still strong, I am now also seeing plenty of money for my seventh highest rated horse, KINGS MONARCH…..13/2 > 9/2.

The OMM’s appear to be very strong here and a third to advise of is ALMINAR, 16/1 > 9/1. This races first time following a wind-op.

Races run over this trip would not have been “rated” last season and I’m now looking to ignore my figures entirely and dutch DON POLI, KINGS MONRACH, ALMINAR.


12-20 – Only four going to post, a strong odds on favourite and a race I have no interest in playing.

12-55 – The OMM advised this morning is still attracting support but fair to say that in the face of that, the favourite, DEMACHINE, is by no means weak. MINELLA BOBO is 9/1 > 11/2 but I’ll go with that morning OMM.

1-30 – Tons of money this morning for HOTTER THAN HELL, who would now be classed as a bottom Rated OMM! Opened 5/1 it is now 7/2 and everything else, bar YEAVERING BELLE (10/1 > 15/2), is drifting.

My own play here will now be a dutch rated horses 1, 2, 7

My third highest rated horse has no friends at all and I’m confident dropping it.

2-05 – A seriously good four runner race but nothing is being supported, all I’m seeing are fluctuations. I gave my reasons for supporting the one I mentioned in the Podcast….check it out!

2-40 – Three runners here, LAURINA is weak 11/8 > 13/8 but the other pair are not attracting a bean. I do not play three runner races myself and I’ll just watch to see if Nicholls can do a job with LAURINA….who has had that wind-op.

3-17 – Just eight runners and they go 4/1 the field. I’m seeing support for ABBEY MAGIC 13/2 > 9/2 second favourite now, whilst if they offered puppies with a bet on MAGIC SAINT, they still not attract a play….11/4 > 4/1.

I’ll be dutching rated horses 1, 2, 3, 5 if I can make a decent fist of a return….currently around 38%.


11-45 – GETAWAY LUV is a very strong favourite @ 5/4 and the horse for money is NEW ZEALANDER 12/1 > 13/2. The favourite is trained by Olly Murphy who is having a dire time with these short priced favourites right now and I’d just have a small 20/80 NEW ZEALANDER.

The OMM advised this morning has drifted back to it’s opening show but you could dutch the two “movers” against the favourite, if that is how you want to go.

Not a race for outrageous staking!

12-15 – Again the morning OMM is drifting but this one is clearly going racing having had a skinful last night. Having opened 8/1 and been supported into 13/2, you can now get 20/1.

The favourite now looks strong and this is now a race I’ll be leaving well alone.

12-48 – Here we have an OMM I have already run with and I’m hopeful.

1-23 – I’m happy with my figures, especially now I’m seeing my second highest rated “moving”. I’ll play this as mentioned in the morning Newsletter.

1-58 – I advised of two OMM’s here but we now have a third….XCITATIONS, 15/2 > 5/1….I would now be playing a three horse dutch.

2-33 – WYE AYE is a weak favourite 7/4 > 5/2 and I’m most interested in the move for NOTHING MAN 11/2 > 11/4. It is a conditional jockeys event that I’ll play 20/80 that mover.

3-08 – The market has been telling me all morning one of the three at the head of the market wins this. GOLDEN KNIGHT has fluctuated between 6/4 and 7/4, RED NIKA 9/4 > 11/4 > 9/4 and IMPERIAL KNIGHT 4/1 > 7/2 > 10/3 > 3/1….and that would be the one winking at me. Dutch or 20/80 that last named?….I’ll dutch.

Best of luck!

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