All 15 races this afternoon covered and profit expected!


The two meetings taking place at Exeter and Uttoxeter this afternoon look weak but competitive which is all we can expect given the feats the Saturdays are providing us with right now. I had plenty going on in the morning Newsletter and so if you are not subscribed to Post Racing right now, you’ll feel like I’m teasing you a little.

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12-03 – The favourite, MONMIRAL, is weak 8/13 > 8/11 but nothing at all is being supported. Even the second favourite is 11/4 > 7/2 and the third favourite 7/1 > 8/1….seems nobody wants it, including me.

12-33 – The OMM advised to Post Racing subscribed members this morning is still very strong but the second THE WOLF hit 5/2, he was back in to 9/4….seems one of the pair wins it and a dutch secures a profit.

1-03 – The front two on the tissue again seem to be where we’ll find the winner of this event. The stronger of the two is GO MILLIE GO 9/4 > 6/4 but I’d be happy with the 25% profit a dutch the two produces in such a race.

1-33 – The first of my three rated races here and I’m happy working as indicated in the morning Newsletter. Further support for the highest rated OMM, whilst the one below it on my numbers has eased slightly.

Those preferring the bottom rated favourite will include CROSSLEY TENDER into their dutch, rather than the OMM….decision making time.

2-08 – Looking at what I’m looking at right now, I’m very happy with my figures and the play I posted up in the morning Newsletter. The OMM is extremely strong and has come in further since that arrived in the inboxes.

2-43 – The last of my three Rated races and whilst it’s a weak looking affair I’m happy with my figures, happy with the OMM’s and I’m “hopeful”.

3-18 – First division of a weak Class 5 and it’s the morning OMM that is still attracting interest. MY MUMS POSH is also being supported 9/2 > 3/1 and I’ll dutch that with the morning OMM.

3-53 – Not a punter in the land seems interested in this race and I cannot blame them one little bit. If you threw a stick this lot would chase it. Best advice would be to be the stick thrower and keep your money in your pocket.


12-18 – This market had been dormant overnight but now they are getting their shekels on NICKELSONTHEDIME 7/2 > 9/4….looks like they were happy to down the porridge before letting this cat out of the bag.

12-48 – A Class 5 Handicap Chase and, whilst they have been nibbling away at CITY NEVER SLEEPS 11/2 > 9/2 > 11/2 > 9/2, nothing is a “mover”. One I’d keep an eye on in this market is ABSOLUTELY DYLAN. Trainer had a punt landed a few days ago and Danny Cook is back.

Right now, a no bet race for me.

1-18 – The morning OMM is now on the drift again but nothing is being backed. No mileage in a front three on the tissue dutch…which is where the winner will come from….so leave it be.

1-53 – Money still coming for the OMM, which sits in my top three and I most definitely expect to make a profit from this race.

2-28 – The morning OMM is still holding up but I’m now seeing a stack of chips for ASHDOWN LAD 4/1 > 9/4. I’m again expecting to make a profit from this race.

3-03 – A Conditional Jockeys’ Veteran Handicap Chase and when I got up this morning the market had been ultra lively, several being supported….five in fact….and I thought I would let it settle down before I said anything about it. I’m seeing support for:

  • DAWSON CITY – 8/1 > 5/1
  • TWOJAYSLAD – 14/1 > 6/1
  • OPTIMISTIC BLISS – 14/1 > 8/1

If you genuinely must play such a race then tickle the dutch with your minimum stake….but expect diddly back.

3-38 – My final Rated race of the day. It’s a Class 4 but looks like a 5….reads like one, too. All I’ll be doing is working as I suggested in my morning Newsletter.

Best of luck!

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