Yet another weak day but all 21 races scanned for clues….found some, too!


Plenty of racing today, three meetings, 21 races and plenty went on overnight, that Post Racing members have already been advised of. I’ll concentrate below on those races where something new has happened, or where additional information regarding races already covered, has come to light. Any such race will simply be marker “AS PER NEWSLETTER”


12-22 – OMM advised this morning but we now have good support for VOLKOVA, whilst the Skelton trained favourite is weak, 10/11 > 7/4.

I’ll have 2 x 20/80’s the OMM + VOLKOVA

12-52 – The winner is most likely contained within the front three on the tissue, the strongest of that trio being MALINELLO.

I’ll go 20/80.

1-22 – This market is simply all over the place. We had a pair of OMM’s advised earlier, both of which are now drifting slightly. I now have three more moving:

  • HYDROPLANE – 9/2 > 11/4
  • FIRST CLASS RETURN – 14/1 > 7/1
  • REVEREND JACOBS – 40/1 > 11/1

This has now become a race I’ll be giving a very wide berth to.

1-52 – HURRICANE VIC 10/1 > 13/2 has been supported since my Newsletter went out. The OMM is still very strong here so you have options here. Straight win the morning mover, plus a 20/80 HURRICANE VIC…..dutch….or simply stick with the original information.

2-22 – A very strong favourite in PAKIE’S DREAM 11/4 > 9/4 as the OMM drifts out to a double figure price. LINENHALL is also seeing support 14/1 > 8/1. I’ll now look to dutch the three.

2-52 – Just one here for persistent e.w. money, LAMMTURNER 14/1 > 8/1. I’m thinking 20/80….you?

3-22 – A maiden Bumper that sees not a brass farthing for anything at all. Something might happen late here but even if if does, I’ll only watch.


12-37 – A Conditional Jockeys’ Selling Handicap….we really have been blessed with some quality stuff midweek, haven’t we! We had an OMM, which they cannot now give away….out to 10/3 from 7/4. If you really must get involved here, NIBLAWI is 7/2 > 11/4….first run over obstacles in 640 days and MR CAFFREY 9/2 > 10/3.

It is a complete dog of a race if I’m being honest and the only thing I could say with any confidence is, STONEFORD will not win it.


1-37 – DE BARLEY BASKET is a really strong favourite, 11/2 bar the 11/10 jolly. The market is not telling us anything else is fancied at all so, trying to find a sensible 20/80, or place play, is not on. You can either go with what appears to be the flow, or just watch, as I’ll be doing.

2-07 – Gutted….they’ve taken out the horse I felt would win this pulling double. Clear top rated, 2lb well in officially, and it just looked “right”.

Employ natural progression to the ratings and work as suggested in the Newsletter, or simply work with the OMM.

2-37 – The Henderson debutante in this Mares Maiden, FANTASTIC LADY, is on the drift 5/4 > 7/4….money now for HUNNY MOON 11/4 > 15/8, and FOUND ON 6/1 > 9/2.

It would appear one of that trio wins this and there is an 18% profit off the dutch, if that floats your boat.


3-37 – The OMM advised is still solid enough and nothing in the immediate vicinity to it on the tissue is challenging it….but we have a big priced one being nibbled in, SCOTSBROOK NIGHT 16/1 > 9/1. That has seen sustained support all morning. I’m thinking 2 x 20/80’s now.


12-45 – The OMM posted up in the morning Newsletter is still very strong and I’ve gone straight win but MAGIC RIVER is another now seeing support, 12/1 > 7/1. I can get 2.52 a place and will add that to my own portfolio.

1-15 – Nothing achieving sustained support and it would appear any of the front five on this tissue is “live”. What I’m seeing though is that both STAROVSKI 9/4 > 7/2 and KILMINGTON ROSE 2/1 > 4/1 are very weak but that GLOBAL HARMONY is one they’ll not let get overly big. I can get me 2.1 a place that Skelton runner and whilst the tissue favourite, MIDNIGHT CALLISTO, is probably the right one, I’ll have a few shekels on that 2.1

1-45 – Again the OMM is very weak and back out to 16/1, with money for:

  • HAWK’S WELL – 7/1 > 4/1
  • TANGO BOY – 11/2 > 7/2
  • SCENE NOT HEARD – 10/1 > 6/1

A race I’m now leaving well alone….not a dutch that trio, a dutch four with the OMM…diddly, zilch, nada.

2-15 – My first of two rated races here and when I was working on it one horse made my guts rumble, BROADCLYST. It sits fifth best on my figures but since the Newsletter went out it has “moved”….15/2 > 5/1. I have to now create a dutch four or, drop my top rated who is 9/1 > 14/1 and I’m thinking dutch four.

This mover is a 10 race maiden and 0-2 at Wincanton but, on the two occasions he has run here before, he was beaten in a photo first time and last time was three lengths clear with two to jump, when he went base over apex.

Good race….looking forward to it.

2-45 – Second rated race here and I do not like it one bit. Only one arrives with winning form on the going as was described when I finalised my work and it’s in my top three.

My sixth best in has seen plenty of money, NEFF 6/1 > 10/3 and now 7/2 again but also LONG CALL 20/1 > 11/1 (my bottom rated!), has also seen support.

It’s now not a race that has me thinking I can work it and so, I’m off.

3-15 – The OMM advised is still a 20/80 and I’m thinking a second play, GREAT TEMPO 9/1 > 7/1 might be on my horizon, too. If you were thinking dutch, then EDE’IFFS ELTON could be the one for a three horse play. He is a strong enough favourite, for sure, but you do have to factor in he got rid of his pilot on chasing debut three weeks ago.

3-45 – The Bumper and only one of two wins it. Nicholls saddles a three year old debutante, that has already had wind surgery and wears a hood and a tongue tie. That one takes on a Twiston-Davies odds on shot and it’s then 25/1 bar.

We do not need to be concerning ourselves with it.

Best of luck today!

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