Watching the markets and spotting the clues is absolutely vital if you are looking to make a profit from your betting. From the moment the markets open I’m tracking everything, narrowing it down for my Post Racing Newsletter, which goes out to my subscribed membership for 7-00am, and then keeping an eye on things from the moment the porridge is down my neck. Below you have what I’ve noted this morning but if you would like to receive the Post Racing Newsletter, please click here to select your preferred package.




1-15 – It would appear the tissue favourite is about to be pulled out and I’m just seeing massive adjustments with the five that remain. Just one to watch for now.

1-45 – I was half tempted to post FIVEANDTWENTY up as an OMM earlier but I half suspected what has happened, would happen….7/3 > 3/1 > 5/2….then 11/4 > 3/1. The favourite isn’t weak, isn’t strong but he looks the right favourite. Not a race I’m working with myself.

2-15 – The first of my two Rated races here and we had two options to add to the dutch. The Newsletter suggested that which is advised by Stake Management….bottom rated favourite. My own preferred is adding an OMM, if both exist. An OMM does exists and it’s now even stronger so, my own dutch will include the OMM….as ever, it’s all about decision making and what works for you.

2-45 – The second of my two Rated races and it’s probably fair to say it’s the best race of the day. I have three OMM’s in here, too, one in my top three rated, two sitting sixth and seventh best of my numbers. I’ll be adding the highest rated of that pair, to my dutching but I should say, both those OMM’s are strong, both have shortened still further and if anyone simply said to themselves, “I’ll just dutch the OMM’s”, I’d not blame them one jot.



12-30 – Two horse race, despite 12 going to post. We had an OMM in the Newsletter, now the other one is moving game socks 3/1 > 5/2 > 9/4 > 2/1….the original OMM now back to the opening show. A 29% profit on the dutch can be achieved….I fancy that.

1-00 – Down to two runners and I’ve never been interested in such racing, for betting purposes. Not going to start today, either.

1-30 – A Rated race now down to five runners and no longer a race I’ll work with. I can tell you that despite the dwindling numbers going racing, the bottom rated favourite is extremely weak 6/5 > 13/8 and so a dutch DING DING / HAWTHORN COTTAGE might be worth consideration. If you were seriously in need of a bet here then I’d say HAWTHORN COTTAGE is strongest of all the runners in the market.

2-05 – We have 12 going to post here but nobody is looking to have a bet at all, the whole lot on the drift. It would appear to be a three horse race and you can get a profit of 13.5% of a dutch but it just feels ripe for a surprise result and I’ll just watch.

2-35 – The OMM sitting in my top three is very strong and my intention here is to just work with that one. Two of my top rated trio look like they go racing on three legs according to the market so, just that solo play at this end.

3-05 – My final rated race of the afternoon and when they 7/2 the field in an eight runner race, you know it’s as tight as a drum and if you stuck your lucky pin into the racecard, you have as much chance as anyone, of finding the winner. If my top rated won it, or my bottom rated, I’d not be in the least bit surprised. My inclination is to again just have a 20/80 my second highest rated.

A race in which my figures give me no confidence….not to say they wont be 100% correct though, I’ve been stunned by them myself many times!

3-35 – The Bumper and I’m seeing the following:

  • PIAFF BUBBLES – 13/2 > 9/2
  • ROBIN’S DREAM – 10/1 > 5/1
  • SANDY BROOK – 20/1 > 9/1

The front three on the tissue have gone:

  • GALURIN – 2/1 > 3/1
  • DATSALRIGHTGINO – 11/4 > 9/2
  • GELINO BELLO – 11/4 > 9/2

Not a chance I’ll be involved myself.

Best of luck!

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