Loads to work with today and several “steamers” to work with!


A lot more to work with today and plenty going on. I’m happy with much of the work that went out in my morning Newsletter and if you are not subscribed to Post Racing but would like to receive that Newsletter please click here, select a package that suits your need and I’ll make sure it is in your inbox by 7-00am.


12-22 – Very strong favourite, despite a move for Skelton’s AMBASSADOR 4/1 > 3/1….the third favourite is taking a powder 11/4 > 5/1 and a dutch the two heading the tissue right now yields a profit of 59%….I’m happy with that.

12-52 – OMM advised in the morning Newsletter still worth a 20/80 but again, we have a very strong favourite in PATROCLUS 6/4 > 11/10 and a current BF Exchange odds produce a profit of 82%, compared to 100% and bits playing the favourite straight win. Decision making time.

1-27 – The market here favours none of them. I’m not surprised as two of the front three on the tissue went base over apex last time out. A race to watch as it’s a good one….but not for betting.


2-32 – Class 5 Handicap Hurdle and the OMM advised this morning….not weak but a slight drift. Plenty of them fluctuating but if one can be classed as a “mover” this morning, it would be JOBEGREEN LAD, 12/1 > 8/1….it’s a race you play wearing gloves….you wouldn’t want this getting on your skin.

3-02 – My only rated race here….having watched the markets, I’m wearing a smile as my top rated becomes a mover, and they are even nibbling at my second highest rated, which surprises me. I’m comfy playing my numbers here.

3-32 – The OMM has not moved since the Newsletter went out but I can tell you they cannot give the Henderson trained favourite away for love nor money….15/8 > 11/4.

The only runner for money is SLEEPYSAURUS 14/1 > 8/1 but this is not a race I’ll be financially involved in.


11-45 – A Class 5 Conditional jockeys’ event and DONALD DUX is being smashed up this morning 4/1 > 5/2 clear favourite. Another they are clambering all over is THE GAP….28/1 > 9/1….you look at the form that brings to the table, gulp, and push the plate away untouched. You could never back such a horse and if that wins, I’ll be interested in reading the stewards report.

12-15 – My lone rated race at this track today and I’m already on my top rated horse. I’m now seeing interest in SPEAK OF THE DEVIL 7/1 > 7/2 but the rest keep drifting. I’ve gone straight win my top rated, no dutch, but I’ll consider a 20/80 THIS MORNING MOVER.

12-45 – ENQARDE is a strong favourite as the Olly Murphy trained second favourite drifts 6/4 > 2/1. That is happening because they are punting SUNSET WEST, third favourite 3/1 > 9/4.

One of the trio wins this (12/1 bar), and right now I’d be with ENQARDE.

1-20 – Just five going to post and if the market is correct it’s a dutch MALYSTIC / BLACK PIRATE, that brings home the Dunmow Flitch. The first named is a very well supported favourite, the second named 5/1 > 7/2….that one arrives first run following a wind-op and wearing first time cheekpieces….seems they expect it to all work for the horse.

1-50 – Division I of a Class 5 Handicap Hurdle and save for some sniffing around BLUESKYANDSUNSHINE 10/1 > 8/1 (first run following a wind-op), this market is becalmed. Never raced on soft ground before but someone things it’ll suit, now the wind has been fixed.

2-25 – Division II and they are ploughing into BURDIGALA 14/1 > 6/1. Just one win in 44 previous starts….41 length 8th of 19, last time out….returned SP 66/1.

I’ll just be watching.


3-25 – The only runner attracting a brass farthing here is THUNDER ROCK 11/4 > 9/4….some sniffing around the hocks of FAMOUS MOMENT 11/1 > 8/1 but it is the favourite strongest.

Not a betting race at this end.


12-07 – A farce of a selling hurdle….just tell yourself it’s time for lunch. Could be we have two odds on shots again!

12-37 – We have 12 going to post but the market (and the form book), suggests one of ATHOLL STREET / GREY SPIRIT wins it. The second named drifted from 15/8 > 3/1 before someone decided it was time to go in….now just 9/4.

ATHOLL STREET is a very strong favourite though. This previous CD winner is 6/4 > 11/8….won very easily that day, too.


1-42 – Here we have an extremely heavily backed outsider tumbling in price….UTHER PENDRAGON 20/1 > 7/1. Currently 0-5 over hurdles, and only 3-52 under rules (all on the flat), he was actually beaten 20 lengths in the race that favourite in today’s 12-37pm race won on the 12th November.

It’s a Class 5….expect the unexpected…although having said that, someone obviously “expects”!

2-15 – The money is saying the favourite wins this, PALMERS HILL 7/2 > 9/4.

SAINT DE REVE is 7/1 > 5/1 and CODED MESSAGE 16/1 > 10/1, the rest all out with the washing. I’d consider a three horse dutch, if you fancy getting into this one.

2-47 – I had a feeling this might happen….we now have a bottom rated favourite, heavily supported 11/2 > 10/3, to bring into the dutch. It is the only runner attracting any support whatsoever and the hat-trick looks on.

3-17 – My top rated is weak, my third highest rated horse a massive mover. I’ll just work as advised in the Newsletter.

3-47 – They finish with a very weak Class 5, the favourite strong and also a nine time raced maiden. I couldn’t bet this race using stolen money.

Best of luck!

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