My own betting will be very light today with many notes taken at Ascot!


A week today the big bloke in red delivers his stuff and racing is showing signs this week of just how close Boxing Day is….you’ll not find me placing a single bet at Ascot today, but the pen will be busy.

Uttoxeter is pure dross. Loads of Class 5’s, some very weird betting going on, and if I play more than my two rated races, I’ll be surprised.

I’m far more interested in getting our Friday Podcast done and up on the Post Racing website, by 4-00pm….should make for a very interesting listen!


12-07 – Only five going to post but the market is lively enough, all bar the 125/1 outsider attracting some kind of interest. Fair to say the favourite and the original second favourite are not strong, LILITH positively weak 9/4 > 4/1, with the money more for SIMPLY SUPREME 3/1 > 9/4 and GIO’S GIRL, who ran home second @ 200/1 last month, 7/1 > 9/2

Not a race I’ll be playing but if I were, it would probably be a 20/80 SIMPLY SUPREME.

12-37 – A 16 runner Class 5 Handicap and as usual I’m seeing several being given some kind of support, the OMM advised this morning now easing again. The favourite isn’t weak, isn’t strong, and it’s daft horses like RICHARDSON 33/1 > 16/1, and FOLLOW YOUR FIRE 33/1 > 18/1 that someone with more money than sense sees doing something they have only done once between them previously….winning or placing.

I’ll certainly not be faffing about with this race. I’ll just have a 20/80 the original OMM and commit to joining Opus Dei when it finishes fifth.

1-10 – Three have come out here and that makes it a three horse race, despite eight going to post….five of them are moose.

It seems punters have cottoned on to the fact that Olly Murphy shorties cannot be trusted and his steed here, JETAWAY JOEY, is 6/5 > 15/8….it’s TUPELO MISSISSIPPI 6/4 > 11/10 and ITSNOTWHATYOUTHINK 11/2 > 4/1, that they are onto here and I’m dutching that pair.

1-45 – I looked at this market and had to do a double take. It is the first of my two Rated races here and last night we had an OMM/BRF that I suggested I’d simply dutch with my top rated horse. The OMM is very much on the drift and my top rated very much being smashed into….I’ll still play as per the morning Newsletter though but feeling my numbers look better.

2-20 – My second and final Rated race of the day. It now appears to be a “gimme” for my top rated as the second favourite has been pulled out.

2-55 – Class 5 again….and they are lumping on EL SCORPIO 10/1 > 13/2 but in the face of this money, the front pair on the tissue are by no means weak, the favourite 5/2 > 9/4 and DO IT FOR THEY SEN rock solid 5/2.

It’s just not a race I trust for betting purposes. Fourth favourite CITY NEVER SLEEPS opened 7/1, hit 10/1, and was then pulled back in to 15/2, and I will just watch as I edit the podcast.

3-27 – The end with another Class 5 and two have been backed:

  • RAGAMUFFIN 11/4 > 7/4
  • LUCOU 40/1 > 11/1

FLUTISTE is fluctuating. It opened 11/2, went 9/2….then 5/1 > 11/2….as soon as it hit 11/2….back in to 9/2….those punting place plays must be all over this one.

Again, I’m not getting involved. It just isn’t sitting right with me and I’m struggling to see how (or why), a 19 times raced maiden has shifted from 40/1 > 11/1….like I said last week about one like this, if it wins, I’ll look forward to reading the Stewards report….but that one last week did nothing.


12-45 – We had two OMM’s in here this morning, both now weak and those for money now are:

  • ZYON – 13/2 > 9/2
  • SHANG TANG – 8/1 > 6/1
  • FIRST LORD DE CUET – 12/1 > 8/1
  • EMIR SACRE – 28/1 > 20/1

This meeting is purely for note taking as it’s novice race after novice race, after maiden, with a Bumper tagged onto the end. I’ll not be betting here at all….all afternoon, any race!


1-55 – Down to six runners and four are being supported:

  • SIR VALENTINE 5/1 > 10/3
  • FLEGMATIC – 7/1 > 4/1
  • ENZO D’AIRY 10/1 > 13/2
  • AR MEST 20/1 > 14/1

I’ll just watch as I prepare for the Podcast, which starts at 2-00pm.


3-05 – I love FIDDLERONTHEROOF but the Tizzard horses have simply not been firing this season. He is being backed to win today 5/2 > 2/1 but it’s not my money and it wont be, either. The Podcast will have been completed when this goes off so it’s another I’ll watch whilst editing.

3-35 – WONDERWALL is being very well supported to beat these, and the Nicholls runner that still trades favourite has gone 6/4 > 13/8 > 7/4 as WONDERWALL keeps getting hit….10/3 > 3/1 > 11/4 > 5/2 > 9/4….the other Nicholls runner, KNAPPERS HILL, they cannot give away 11/4 > 3/1 > 7/2 > 4/1 > 9/2….looks between STAGE STAR and WONDERWALL.

Best of luck!

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