Some Boxing Day Crackers!


Movers, sliders and advice on how I myself will now set about things.


12-25 – We have an OMM in here but since my Newsletter went out I’ve been seeing constant support for FONTAINE COLLONGES 11/2 > 4/1. It would now pay to dutch the OMM with this morning mover. The horse they do not want at all is SHORE SHANTY 13/8 > 11/4.

12-59 – Both Sean and I advised the same selection here but this morning the market is totally at odds with my comments regarding Nicholls runners in this CILL ANNA 3/1 > 15/8 and I’m thinking that shortly this one will be favourite as MOMELLA is very weak 5/4 > 7/4. Dutch our Podcast selection with MOMELLA.

1-34 – The money is coming for my third highest rated horse here so AS PER NEWSLETTER. Very happy with my figures here.

2-10 – CHINWAG has been very well supported 12/1 > 13/2 and sits fourth best on my Ratings. I will now be introducing this into my own dutch here.

2-45 – We have a very similar situation here in that my fourth highest rated horse is again being supported, MARIO DE PAIL 5/1 > 3/1 clear favourite now. My figures look rock solid but I’m inclined to think that a dutch two, my top rated with this morning mover, is the way to profit. That’s what I’ll be doing but if you feel three might be needed, go with my second highest rated for s dutch three.


3-50 – Nothing at all is being supported and so I’ll just watch.



12-20 – AS PER NEWSLETTER….the two OMM’s are looking “diamond”

12-53 – A mountain of money here for LOUGHERMORE 16/1 > 5/1….money too for BLASTER YEATS. I’m now of a mind we dutch three, including that pair with the morning OMM.

1-28 – Two horses have literally been punted off the boards here, TWOTWOTHREE 11/1 > 9/2 and DEMI SANG 10/1 > 5/1. I will now utilise this pair with my third highest rated horse as both my top pair on the figures are drifting badly and look to have very little chance of success.

2-05 – A very lively market and if one horse above all others is now “strong”, it is SNOW LEOPARDESS 11/2 > 7/2. She did us a favour last time out and is being backed to follow up. My top rated horse they cannot give away 11/1 > 16/1 so dropped from my own play, and it’s looking like rated horses 2, 3, 5 and 9 will produce a profit to a dutch. Three of those were already “in” so simply a case of cutting my top rated adrift and introducing SNOW LEOPARDESS.

2-40 – This is another race in which my top rated horse simply has to be let go of. I personally will now work with rated horse 2 with the two OMM’s advised. The lowest rated OMM is now being smashed off those boards whilst my top rated is 10/1 > 20/1 and if that thing wins I’ll be very surprised.

3-13 – We have a 3-y-o in here that is simply impossible to rated accurately and sits 10th best on my figures. It wears first time head gear and has been punted from 8/1 > 4/1 but I’m also seeing tons of money for the twice raced JUST THE MAN, again impossible to rate accuratly off those two runs….11/1 > 13/2.

My top rated again slides like a sliding thing on a slide so my play here now will be rated horses 2, 10, 12….I thing my ratings wqill prove right and my second rated horse will scupper those two gambles but, we’ll see.


12-40 – FLIC OU VOYOU is being supported 5/1 > 10/3, but neither THIRD TIME LUCKI, solid 11/8, or ON TO VICTORY 10/3, is weak….I’ll just watch.

1-15 – ALNADAM is weak as favourite 5/2 > 4/1, but nothing is being punted either and so with this being bonkers competitive I’ll simply watch this one, too.



3-00 – I’m seeing plenty of market action surrounding WAITING PATIENTLY who has been supported from 25/1 > 14/1 and surprisingly the two Nicholls runners at the front of the tissue are weak, CLAN DES OBEAUX 13/8 > 9/4, CYRNAME 2/1 > 11/4.

This must be e.w. money we are seeing for the “plunge” horse as the weights suggest it’ll get a spanking today.



Best of luck!

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