Inspection passed, both tracks race and here are today’s “clues”


That has to be the funniest coincidence bet off all time, running in the last at Warwick. Thanks to Ben for sending me the Tweet by Richard Hoiles, who advises he cannot see past Barnard Castle….add to that it is the longest traveller to the course and it just gets funnier.

I have seen a lot going on since Market Rasen passed an inspection and I most certainly do suggest you keep staking low today and apply the advise given to us by the markets….I certainly will be!


12-20 – They passed an inspection at this track and it is now heavy all over, having been soft, heavy in places.

This has also seen OMM’s drifting, Morning Market Movers and here we see the shorter priced OMM this morning drifting, whilst SIZING CUSIMANO, 5/1 > 11/4 and very strong is our new favourite.

My top rated horse has clearly arrived on course with a leg missing and is dropped.

My play here will now be rated horses 2, 3, 7….the market is telling me this is our best way to profit from this event.

12-55 – This field is now disintegrating, four none runners, including the 2nd and 3rd favourites, which means ART APPROVAL is now trading 1/3. This was my podcast selection but I’ll not be claiming bragging rights if it wins now!

1-30 – With the going change and more money for the second of the OMM’s advised here, my own play will now be rated horses 1, 4, 8….that incorporates my top rated with the two OMM’s advised in my morning Newsletter.




3-50 – The morning second favourite has been pulled out, leading to market fluctuations. However, the longer priced of the two OMM’s advised in my morning Newsletter is now by far the strongest of the two. The shortest priced of the pair is now as weak as a kitten and in place of that one I’m introducing LIGHT FLICKER 10/1 > 6/1.


12-40 – The morning second favourite is out, I’m seeing fluctuations on the tissue bu also further support for the OMM advised. In addition, I’m seeing support for WILL STING 7/1 > 7/2 and PASLEY 7/1 > 5/1.

My own bet now will be a dutch that pair plus my morning OMM.



2-25 – If you listened to the Podcast you will know I suggested we’d see plenty of market changes here and indeed, we have. I suggested the second favourite was the most likely to score, on stats. Sean was keen on JAY BEE WHY….and that horse is now second favourite….I’m going 20/80.

3-00 – This tissue is now all over the place, too. Because BALLYOPTIC stands his ground and races off 11st 12lb, this means many are actually racing from out of the handicap proper…..five of the 13 runners, in actual fact.

I’m now seeing money for NOTACHANCE 9/2 > 7/2, THE HOLLOW GINGE 20/1 > 11/1, in addition to the pair of OMM’s advised in my morning Newsletter.

I’m not liking this race now, one little bit. I’m now considering a four horse dutch rated horses 3, 5, 6 and 7….either that or simply let is slide right on past me.

3-35 – The market is again telling me my top rated is a leg short and is dropped. The OMM advised is still very strong and now shorter again than was advised so, my play here will be rated horses 2, 3, 5.

4-05 – Ben shared a brilliant tweet with me on WhatsApp….”I cannot see past BARNARD CASTLE”….very, very witty! Funnily enough, this is the longest traveller to the track today and I can only imagine Dominic Cummings has inspired a gamble here…the horse is 15/2 > 9/2.

I’ll not bet myself but I’ll be rubbing my eyes if it wins!

Best of luck today….keep staking playful!

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