Going stick 2.5, standing water, but Chepstow race?


Well, they may have decided to go ahead but it’s not racing I’ll be interested in one little bit. I recall haydock going ahead with a meeting in 2017, when they produced a going stick reading of 2.7 and I’m quite sure that was the “record” so you can only imagine how deep it will be there this afternoon. They also advise they have standing water on the track, which I always thought meant they had to abandon?

Simple fact is, we do not have to bet on it.

Newbury advises they had 10mm of rain overnight and have a going change….heavy.

I’m thinking for the next few days we’ll be working purely and simply with OMM’s (overnight market movers), and that is all I have sent out today, to Post Racing subscribed members.

Since my morning Newsletter went out I’ve seen this:


12-55 – Two non-runners, including the second favourite. The front pair on the tissue were clear of the third favourite and they now invite us to take 3/10 about GALLYHILL….novice event, horse not seen since it ran in a PTP 424 days ago and genuinely, you need help if you are considering getting involved.

1-25 – Another two have been pulled here and it’s all about FUNAMBULE SIVOLA 13/8 > E….🤷🏼….they ain’t backing anything else and it’s a Venetia Williams trained horse running on heavy. Your choice….play, or stay away?


2-30 – Five non-runners….this meeting is slowly falling apart now. Some serious market adjustments taking place and if you play here, you are guessing. DREWMAIN LEGEND, one of four in the original field with winning form on heavy ground (2-5), has been pulled out because of the ground….which is now, as we know, heavy?

Unfortunately they cannot describe it any worse but you can use your imagination.


3-35 – Four more non-runners here. I’m just sitting here wondering why I’m bothering today.


Seriously, if you do feel the need to bet today….or tomorrow come to that (it’ll be no different), seek advice….and not betting advice!!

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