Wetherby gone, the players don’t trust Sandown and it’s weak racing in Scotland


Wetherby bit the dust but Sandown are prepared to go ahead. However, punters up and down the land are completely ignoring it for punting purposes….including me.

The only racing worth betting on takes place in Ireland today and even then you’ll be asked to play around with short priced favourites in novice events, most of which look likely to succeed but you know one more often then not fails to deliver.

Play for fun today is my best advice.


12-57 – The morning favourite, GETAWAY TRUMP, is very weak here 11/10 > 7/4 an if I had to nominate one that was being “supported”, it would have to be MAHLERVOUS. This horse opened 7/2, went 9/2 but has now been pulled back in….7/2.

It is not a race they are strong about to be honest and most likely one to just watch.

1-29 – A Conditional Jockeys’ Veterans Handicap Chase….a novelty job that sees ALOOMOMO a strong enough favourite 3/1 > 2/1 but the OMM is not weak, DUBAI ANGEL now 5/1.

I would expect a dutch that pair plus OSCAR CEREMONY, will produce a profit.

2-05 – Three horses have seen very good support since my Newsletter went out:

  • CHRISTOPHER WOOD – 7/1 > 7/2
  • ASHINGTON 15/2 > 9/2
  • TORIGNI – 10/1 > 5/1

My Ratings have them 4th, 5th and 7th best and you now have two choices. You work with the Ratings as were produced (which worked yesterday when I worked differently), or you take on board the market moves.

I’m seeing my top rated horse drift from 12/1 > 16/1 and my second highest rated horse 9/2 > 8/1 so I will now work with rated horses 4, 5 & 7….the morning movers.

These are decisions we must all make. I got one wrong yesterday….but I get some right, too.

2-40 – The horse I was keen on from a stats angle, ROCKADENN, is extremely weak 9/4 > 4/1 (rates 5th best), and the horses for money are:

  • RIKOBOY – 4/1 > 5/2
  • DEFI SACRE – 6/1 > 4/1
  • RUINOUS – 6/1 > 4/1

I mentioned in a Newsletter last month that I trust the markets above all else at the moment simply because of the period of wet weather we have seen and as that trio contains my top rated horse, I shall again dutch the movers.

3-10 – This is a Class 5 in Class 4 clothing and it may now be a race I simply ignore. The reason for this is, all three of the Dalgliesh runners are being backed?

  • BALRANALD – 5/1 > 7/2
  • BREQUET BOY – 7/1 > 5/1
  • THREE CASTLES – 14/1 > 9/1

It really is indicative of how weird things are right now and perhaps, indicative of the fact the going descriptions we are working with might not be all that accurate.

3-45 – Four miles and a bit….I had two movers in here but I’ve sat here watching all manner of stuff going on. Many horses supported, then drifting again, and in truth, nothing screams “mover”. I’ll just work as advised in the Newsletter but my staking will be the stuff of beans.

4-19 – A Hunter Chase and if one of either ALCALA/SALVATORE doesn’t win it then nobody betting on this race this morning will be making a profit. Never a race I’d consider punting myself but, it’s 7/1 bar those two, who trade 5/4 & 11/8.

Best of luck!

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