Win a share in Walk On High!


Subscribe for the Post Racing Cheltenham Special and you will receive two chances of winning a share in Walk On High, trained by Harry Fry.

The donation required for the “Cheltenham Special” is £20, 50% of that goes straight into the charity pot, and you receive two raffle tickets worth £5 each.

In return for your donation you will receive:

  • The Post Racing Cheltenham Profiling the evening before racing
  • The Ratings for both Cheltenham and all “off meetings” from Monday 15th March
  • The OMM’s (Overnight Market Movers)
  • Two raffle tickets (full list of prizes can be seen here)

Without a doubt the best £20 you will spend this year!

To get involved click on the donate link in the main menu above. Click on “other” in the donation amount box and enter the amount you would like to donate. Check the box next to “I would like this donation to go to a specific fund” Click on the arrow, right hand side of the drop down menu Select your preferred “Specials” option….there are three. Complete the form. Make your donation….and a huge thank you from everyone at this end, for getting involved.

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