The Royal Ascot Placepot – Wednesday


I thought I’d give this its own spot today, not least because of a login issue….that should not be there?

It is never going to be easy trying to spot up a placed horse in every race run at Royal Ascot because, as we witnessed yesterday, funky results come from right out of the blue, horses are blocked in their run, jockeys make a wrong decision regarding a gap and the dough is done.

However, should everything go well, then the opportunity to secure a half decent dividend exists so, we’ll give it a shot.

I’ve created this perm using Profiling, Ratings and the Markets. What can possibly go wrong!

  • LEG 1 – 18, 19
  • LEG 2 – 14
  • LEG 3 – 2, 6
  • LEG 4 – 7
  • LEG 5 – 6, 14, 19
  • LEG 6 – 11


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