Post Racing Ratings “Sighters” Stats….the first 19 days (superb!)


I switched codes on April first, no more NH Ratings, now we were working only with flat racing and, for the first three weeks of April at least, treating them as “Sighters”.

We know how to make profit from them, apply Stake Management, and from what I have seen during the first 19 days of April gives me great cause for optimism.

In those 19 days I have produced Ratings for 37 handicaps. The winner has been located in the top three, in 16 of those races. A further 10 of those 37 winners were OMMS (overnight market movers), meaning that 26 of those 37 winners, could have been located applying Stake Management/Dutching.

Even the “fun punters” have been making profit using them already, one member using the lone rated race at Newbury recently and punting a 50/1 winner in his Dutch.

So, in the month of “Sighters”, that’s a 70% strike rate of winners to races rated races utilising Stake Management with some very big priced winners in the top three rated horses, too.

I’m very much looking forward to the core season starting!

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