The “Five-a-Day” Challenge!


From May 1st I’ll be setting up a challenge for myself. I’m looking to produce a profit of £5 per day across the next 12 months and, if succesfull, will produce a profit of £1825.

The plan is to look for one or two races per day, that will see me dutching two or three horses maximum. They might be Rated races that have already been supplied to Post Racing members, they might be races that the markets indicate to me have two or three strong, that are most likely to produce the winner.

The plan is NOT to win £5 EVERY day….some days I’ll not suggest a bet, some days we’ll lose….the plan is, that by the end of April 2023, a £5 per day average profit has been achieved.

The suggested plays will go out in my second Newsletter each day (before 11-30am), which will enable me to have assessed the racing, monitored the markets, checked out the stats and trends, and come up with any play/plays each day.

If we never try, we never achieve!

To join us and take part in the challenge, please visit THE SHOP, create a monthly membership. To see just how successful the figures are, please visit Five Rated races yesterday, all produced profit! – The World of Sport

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