The Five-A-Day Challenge now +£31.64


I gave myself a mountain to climb here but did make sure members understood it was as much a bit of fun as anything else because if we pull it off, and everyone involved is playing the bets advised, we’ll take a heck of a lot of money out of the layers satchels.

This started on May 1st and the plan was for me to select a race to dutch, that would return at least 50% profit on a dutch, using a stake of £10.

The races being chosen are not “easy”, and we’ve had winners as big as 12/1, and neither is it easy selecting a race every day. In fact, I have missed four already because nothing struck me as being “solid”.

However, the nine races that have been selected have produced eight winning bets and a running profit of £31.64 so, a little off my target of £5 per day.

However, members are now also enjoying a section called TODAY’S PLAYS, which are races I consider will produce a profit. these were yesterday’s races:

THIRSK 4-40 (39%)

  • BOARDMAN (2.9) – WON
  • ANOTHER BATT (5) – 3RD

NEWBURY 1-35 (58%)

  • TIBER FLOW (3.5) – WON
  • EHRAZ (5.6) – 2ND
  • HIERARCHY (5.9)

NEWMARKET 2-25 (44%)

  • HAYMAKER (4.1)
  • LIR SPECIALE (5.4)
  • HARRY THREE (6.4) – WON 9/2
  • ERNIES VALENTINE (9.2) – 3RD 10/1

The figure in brackets to the right of the race time, is the profit achieved at the odds obtained and yesterday all three races were successful.

What members are also finding is that the races I’m selecting will produce results like that first one above, a 1-2-3 and a Trifecta dividend of £22.80.

It’s a long term strategy and no different to taking out an Endowment Policy. Whichever company to take one out with will always tell you, the value of that policy can down down, as well as up.

Using my work a company called Astech Gold achieved a profit of £40k in two years and that is achieved by variable staking, again, just exactly the same way an insurance company uses your money to make money for both you, and them.

It’s about you trusting someones judgement, in the case of insurance Company traders, they are betting on stock and shares, investing in companies they feel will produce profit.

In my case, you are trusting me to correctly predict the potential outcomes of horse races.

Most punters do not “get it”. they think betting on horses is all about finding a horse, and betting it wins. More often than not, they lose. Long term, using the dutching strategy, you win.

You can teach yourself “dutching” by visiting this page on the website: DUTCHING ON BETFAIR

If you would like my own race selections every day then you will need to join our Donator membership and below you have a link to the shop with a special offer donation that will be removed soon and the usual price of £25 reinstated.

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