Who is going down?


It has been a horrible season to work with. Covid basically wrecked it and I wrote it off around December time when games were being cancelled, players were catching Covid just hours before a game, squads were having to be changed, the team a manager wanted on the pitch wasn’t available and in January the fixture backlog meant some teams had not played for weeks.

I didn’t want to do anything for the website because it just felt wrong.

The only thing that matters now is who gets relegated, and who gets 4th spot and Champions League.

City have it won because they can lose 1 of their 2 remaining games and still win the league on goal difference even if Liverpool win their last 2 games. I think Klopp will be concentrating more on the game a week Saturday than either of the league games that remain, especially the one next Sunday if City beat West Ham this afternoon.

Logically I see Everton winning or drawing at home to Brentford in the 4-30pm kick off, and I see Burnley getting a battering at Spurs. Can Leeds get a win over Brighton and give themselves a chance? It doesn’t look like Brighton have packed their bags yet having hammered Utd and I don’t see their manager as being the kind of bloke that let’s that happen.

It could be Leeds and Burnley go into the last weekend both needing a win, with Everton fans breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Those games between sides safe and nothing to play for could end up 0-0 or 4-4 so I’d not be betting a penny on them.

If I was going to have a bet today it would be on Spurs to win comfortably although they don’t need to worry about goal difference as they are way ahead of Arsenal on that score 23-11, so its going to come down to who wins both those final 2 games and my money would be on Spurs as they play 2 sides in the bottom 4, while Arsenal have to play Newcastle away, who will want to finish with a bang given the miracle they have pulled off, before a home game against Everton, who might still need at least a point to be safe.

I reckon it’s Leeds who drop down as Burnley and Everton have 1 more game than them to play and Leeds are on a shocking run of form and cannot buy a win.

I’m now looking forward to getting back to normal next year and being able to trust the facts again.

One bet today? Spurs to win 3-0 and Son to score first @ 27/1

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