The Goal Post “Predict The Score” Competition – How to play!


First, you need to sign up for a FREE membership in the main menu on the home page you will see those links. Click on SIGN UP and complete your registration

Once you have signed up make sure you are logged in and then hover over PLAYER PREDICTIONS. You will then see a drop-down menu that looks like this

Click on PREDICTION SHEET and you will see this if you are logged in

These are my own predictions for the first two of those games taking place on the 24/11/22 and as you can see, I have not yet entered my predictions for the Portugal v Ghana or Brazil v Serbia games. Below each team name you see a grey box. You enter your predicted scores into those boxes. You can change them up until 15 minutes before kick-off.

You also see a football icon. If you click on that it turns yellow and signifies you have chosen that game to play your Joker….that doubles your score for that game in the event you get an all correct entry.

I have also added additional point scoring functions, one of which is THE QUESTION

I have added only one so far and if you scroll down the prediction sheet page, you will see this:

A simple yes or no answer, that will add 2 bonus points if you are correct. I can ask many different kinds of questions, as you will see when the real game commences in December. One might be an under/over on yellow cards, the number of corners and so on.


All very simple:

  • 5 points for getting the correct score
  • 2 points for correctly predicting the correct result of the game (home, away, draw)
  • 1 point for getting the score for one of the two teams correct so, if you suggest England will beat Iran 2-0 and they win 2-1, you get a point because England scored two goals
Your “Joker” will double each prediction you get correct.


You can see the top 10 players on the home page of The World Of Sport website but to see all placing visit the RANKING section as illustrated

Once on that page you will be able to scroll through the list of players and you’ll find yourself somewhere!

You can also click on a player’s name to see their past predictions but not their predictions for any game not yet underway.

You also have access to the list of teams involved, the venue the game will be played at, Group standings and the rules (which I will have developed further for when we start for real.

If you have any questions, please contact


Best of luck!

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