About Us

The World of Sport website presents trainee journalists with the opportunity to earn whilst they learn, by providing the website with sports related articles that show their absolute passion for that sport plus, entertains those reading and encourages them to make a donation to keep the site going….because they are the only thing that will!

We want to give those students an opportunity to put something on their CV’s that counts for something and whilst they are here, we will spread their names across the world of media and hopefully elevate them to superstardom.

The intention is to do what it says on the tin, and cover sport from around the world and not just the popular sports so if you wish to write about table tennis, squash, or a sport native to your country then please get in touch.

In addition, we will be using the donations received to run the site and pay our writers, to sponsor kids sports teams up and down the UK in the first instance but, as we grow, look to do likewise in other countries, too.

You, reading this page now, can help us in our mission by becoming a regular monthly donator.

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