Dutching on Betfair

Below you have a blow by blow description of how to dutch using Betfair.


Can I say though that if you are going to get into Dutching, this removes the fun element of betting as it requires you to be monitoring those Betfair markets and decision making as regards when to play.

If you have a Betfair account, the best way to play Dutching is as follows (takes the labour out of it, too).

I’ve selected a recent rated race at Fontwell for the purposes of this exercise and on Betfair this was the first page you would see:

The vertical line in blue show the current odds and the tab at the top says “BACK ALL”….click on that.

When you do that, you will then see this window appear on the right of the page

It lists the field, with their respective current price but on the left of each horses name, you have an “x” which gives you the option to remove horses you do not want in your dutch

In the row next to the odds you see blank boxes and the tab at the top has the word “STAKE (?)”…click on that and this window appears

You are now invited to enter the amount you wish to stake on this race for dutching purposes. This will increase and decrease based on the Grade applied to the race in your Newsletters

In the next screenshot I have put £100 in the stake box, left the entire field in place, clicked OK and this is what you then see:

Each horse now has a stake which, when added together equates (roughly, never exactly), to the stake you entered into the stake box and. based on current price, advises how much will be staked on each horse. Now, obviously, if you bet every horse, you will lose, whichever horse wins but, if I then remove those horses outside my top three rated you then see this:

The system has broken your stake down, applied the amount required to be placed on each horse to return roughly the same return in the event one of the four wins.

You will note there are four horses. That is because at the time of writing RIVER TYNE is a BRF and would be added into your dutch. You total stake here is £99.98 and your return in the event any of the four wins, is around £158.45 

Incidentally, if you are using this facility you will also note that you can also play to lower than the usual minimum stake applied by Betfair. 

I have input the total stake as being £10 here and you can see £1.33 next to the bigger priced horses. It will not, however, let you go below a £1 unit stake on a single horse.

Hope that all helps but obviously, winning and losing will be down to the accuracy of the figures and, knowing when and when not to get involved, etc.