Ratings & Market Movers

Ratings & Market Movers

Since 2004 Post Racing Ratings has produced the most accurate handicap figures produced anywhere and are trusted by hundreds of punters, every single day.

The recently introduced Market Movers have proven to be a veritable gold mine, especially for “fun punters”, who have used them in multiples to take £000’s off the layers.

Using the work produced by Post Racing and applying their Stake Management approach as to how to make a profit from your betting, they turned £1k into £40k in just 104 weeks.

Latest Ratings & Market Movers

What are the ratings?

The Ratings are Post Racing’s own handicap figures for a horse race.

Post Racing looks to exploit the mistakes made by the official handicapper and indicate to you just where the value in a race can be found.

When you look at a handicap you see the horses listed by the weight the official handicapper suggest those horses need to carry, in order to all finish first (dead-heat).

What the Post Racing Ratings do is look for the glitches in those official figures and offer you figures that suggest what their finishing position should be.

We find the winner in our top three rated horses, in nearly 50% of all handicaps we produce figures for. Now that’s a razor sharp edge that should give any punter confidence when using the Post Racing Ratings.

What are the Market Movers?

Quite literally, an equine goldmine!

Post Racing introduced these into their portfolio of betting strategies, on May 1st 2019 and in the intervening period of time, to a level £10 stake, they have produced a profit of close to £4,000.

No matter whether you take your betting seriously, or would just like to have the best information to hand when you go racing, the Ratings and Market Movers will most certainly help you enjoy your betting at all levels and in recent times many people have turned pennies into thousands of £’s, as they did at Hereford in March 2020.

We provided the names of four horses that Post Racing had recognised as Market Movers (others will have missed them), based on the criteria for selection that they have in place.


2-20 – LITTLE BRIAN – 100/1 > 33/1 – WON
3-20 – ALNADAM – 9/4 > 6/4 – WON
3-50 – WAYFINDER – 4/1 > 2/1 – WON
4-20 – GO HARD OR GO HOME – 16/1 > 10/1 > 8/1 – WON

That quartet produced an accumulator that paid 812/1 so, for just a £10 stake, members took home £8,120 of clear profit.

Latest Ratings & Market Movers

One lucky member recently commented:

“Had a busy day at work but managed to rush through 20/80’s on all the market movers and popped 3 in what I thought was £1 win doubles and an £1 win treble (to cash one out if I bottle it).

Had a long drive home, logged on and thought I’d check results. As I said I’d had a long day and rather than looking at results I was looking at racecards and only saw 2 winners giving me no reason to check my account.

Saw your email and checked my account. I’d got a 200/1 double up and instead of putting on a treble, I’d put a Trixie on and got another 200/1 double up. Nice surprise.”

Of course, this will not happen every day, but it happens often enough for people to keep wanting access to the best advice available.

The biggest problem we have as punters is that horses do not run on rails and things can happen during a race that means a horse that should win, does not.

But the Post Racing Ratings and Market Movers give you an edge like no other and something like that edge, is invaluable.

We consider the work you will purchase to be the best £2 you will ever spend.

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