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Eight from Ten.

This weekend the odds for the top 20 are poor so I decided to cover two 8 from 10s. The first group of ten only give odds of 20/1 for the ten fold so I have adjusted the 9folds bets to £2 and the 8folds to 50p. Hopefully, these games are bankers so the returns of £664. will justify the £47.50 stake.
I could not afford to do this every week but have had three winners from four from John Morris’s Jumping Prospects today.

AC Milan, Stuttgart, Man City, Lille, Panathinaikos, Florentina, Sp Braga, Brentford, Arsenal, Liverpool.

The second line I started where the first one left off and I checked the league position and form of the teams and excluded any I deemed to be risky.
This was done to standards staking of 1 x £5 10 fold, 10 x £1 9folds and 45 x 30p 8folds. Total stake £28.50. Potential return. £2404

Lazio, Trabonspor, Girona, A Bilbao, Southampton, Ipswich, Brentford, B Leverkusen, Leeds, Lens.

Looking forward to a nice holiday in Feb on the strength of this one.

Be Lucky