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    Bookies FREEBIES

    How would you like someone to give you £100 each and every year, no risk and you will probably get much more? If you are really lucky, as much as £250,000, No Brainer.?

    Well if you are willing to spend 5 minutes a day buggering about with on-line bookies freebies, this is what you will get. Guaranteed. The £100 not the £250K.
    Most if not all days one of the bookies will give you 30p on other days you may get other wins even a jackpot is possible but highly unlikely. There are probably other freebies that I haven’t identified as I only deal with major firms

    What you need to do is have on line accounts with , Sky, William Hills, Ladbrokes, Betway, Paddy Power, and Corals. NO STAKES are required.

    I will explain what you need to do for each one as some are a bit tricky and you can end up staking your own money by mistake. Other than the ones below it is ALWAYS worth clicking on the menu and Promotions. This should show any permanent and one off freebies that are available. MAKE SURE that you check the terms and conditions as many have minimum wagering requirements or large post win turnover before you can collect any winnings. For example you may be offered a free £5 bet but have to stake £20 before you get it or you get a £20 free bet on the slots but have to turnover £100 in bets before you can collect it,

    There are also many free to enter competitions such as the Supersix and the ITV seven. Both with Sktbet. Totally free so worth doing. Other bookies have similar competition so look out for them .

    William Hills my favourite.as they let you win and offer five free spins most days.
    On the Home screen look for the BONUS DROP icon and click on it. This will take you to a bagatelle type drop machine where you decide which of the three slots to drop your coin in. I did go through a phase of losing but for weeks now I have won every day no matter which slot I choose. Usually you get five free spins on a particular machine. Just click on GET FREE SPINS and off you go. Make sure your free spins have been registered on the play screen or you will find that you are playing with your own money and at one pound a spin. DO NOT continue to play after your free games have finished. This is what they want you to do DON’T DO IT.

    Also with Hills on some free games you have to be sure to Claim then Opt in then go to Promos go to next offer etc otherwise you will be playing with your own money. With all games make sure that you can see your free spins on the screen somewhere.

    Skybet (My next best) Login to your account and in the top left of the screen click on Sky Vegas. Scroll down half a screen and you will see the Prize Machine. Click on SPIN NOW and if you win which you do about 1 in 5 times you will be informed what your win is. This is usually 3-5 five free spins on a particular slot or sometimes a choice of slots. Sometimes you win a cash prize to use as you wish. The Slot does not matter as they all have the same odds of winning. First you have to click on CLAIM WIN or COLLECT PRIZE or both. This will take you to your choice of machine. Make sure that you check that you are playing with FREE spins and not your own money by checking the screen to ensure that the free spins are registered. Take your spins and collect any winnings. It will usually show when your spins have ended and what.if anything, you have won. Do not be tempted to continue playing with your winnings this is what they are banking on so DON’T DO IT.

    Ladbrokes Don’t like this one much. On the Home screen look for a bar of choices Home Slots, Promotions etc. and tab along until you see INSTANT SPINS. Click on this and it takes you to a basic wheel with prizes and losing triangles. The reason I do not like this one is that you lose too often, When you win you get a prize of 50p or 3 free sins on a slot. The good thing is if you get free sins there is usually a winner and this can be up to £100 but I have never got more than £3. Once again stop betting and bank your winnings.

    Betway. A bit more complicated to access and is not always available. On the Home page second row you will see sports, in play ,casino etc. Go along to “vegas” and click on it. Now in the bottom left hand corner of the screen you will see “promotions” click on that and tab/scroll down until you see The Prize Wheel. You may sometimes find it on the special offers bar near the top of the screen look for a bunch of grapes. Just press play.

    Paddy Power. My least favourite bookie as they often offer increased odds and bonuses and then say you can only have 80p on it. Login an and on the home screen at the top there is a wide bar which you scroll along until you see Wonder Wheel. I wonder when it will win. The wheel is self explanatory but basically you have to win three times before you get a prize. You may get an occasional 10p scratch card but its a lot of work for very little chance. I think I am going to stop trying with this one and I may even delete the Paddy Power App.

    Corals. A bit of fun on a crane style grabbing machine the type that you see in the slot machine arcades. I find the win ratio is good but then you only are given the chance to have some free spins on a slot machine so can still lose. From the Home screen scroll along the bar of betting choices until you see promotions click on this then scroll down the various promotions until you see Rewards Grabber “Play for Free” click on “More Info” then “Play here”. Touch the crane where you want it to drop then hold until it picks a friut. You can drop the fruit and choose another but it really makes no difference. You win or you lose.

    Non Slot Freebies.

    The best two are the Skybet Supersix and ITV7. With Supersix you have to correctly predict the scores in the designated six football matches. At the weekend sky have another free football game where uoi have to guess the correct score at full time and half time, the first scorer, the first to be carded and man of the match. Simples. Sky also have a Fantasy Football Game which lets you manage a team that you choose with a budget of £100m. You can then buy and sell throughout the season to maximise your points. Some people love these fantasy games but I can’t be arsed.


    Ladbrokes have a free to play football bet called 1-2-Free where you have to predict the correct scores of the three games that they nominate.

    William Hill

    Hills Do a Scratch of the Day which mainly provides what is called a “Bet and Get” where you place a £5 or £10 bet and they will give you a £2 free bet. There are other wins of real cash which you have to stake as they define usually on a slot machine.
    My favourite free Hills bet is the “Free or 4” game as I actually won £200 by forecasting six games that would finish with 3 or 4 goals in total. There are smaller prizes as well if one or two games let you down.
    If you like doing Accs then Hills have an Acc club where if you stake £20 in total over a week on Accs they will give you a £5 free bet and five free spins on the slots. Only worth it if you would be doing the Accs anyway.

    Of course the purpose of these free games is to tempt you to back your selections with real money. DON’T DO IT. I do have a small ew bet on my ITV7 selections and the six folds but on;y to 20p ew for the 7fold and 10p ew for the 6 folds.

    Bet365 No freebie games but they often give free £5 bets on the premiership games or a particular weekend meeting. Always worth having a no risk bet.

    Betway Offer two free bets/games. The first Four to Win you have to pick the winners of four names races the other Four To Score you have to pick the first goal scorer in four names football matches. They only do this to tempt you to put money on your selections. Don’t do it.

    New Customers

    If you are new to betting don’t forget to claim the FREE MONEY and bets offered when you open a new account. Get your wife to open one as well to double your gains. These can be worth hundreds of pounds to new comers.

    I am sure that there are


    Take too many promotions you will end up gubbed,stake restricted or accounts closed guaranteed. I know as I’ve lost numerous accounts.


    Betfair are offering a free £10 on Man city v Chelsea. Money back if you lose so it’s a guaranteed £3 if they win and money back as a free bet if they draw or lose.

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