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    I’ve got systems up the Wasu. Here’s another one you won’t like.
    Alternative to the Placepot
    Ron the Master, the Oracle, the sugar on your cornflakes, has started catering for the masses and providing FUN BETS.

    These normally consist of a Lucky 15 a Yankee or a Placepot.


    These are bookies bets and the worst ones you can place. One loser in a Lucky 15 or Yankee wipes out most of your bets and stake and kills a placepot dead.

    Ron has pointed this out and fun bet followers have experienced that you can get a winning placepot up and LOSE money.

    What if you are good at picking outsiders to place and you do a Placepot. Your placed horses odds are 10/1, 7/1, 5/2, 11/10, 20/1 and 5/4. If the fav is placed in every race or even in 4 or 5 of the 6 races the placepot dividend can be bobbins even though you have found some big priced winners. At the above odds a £1ew bet with no winners would return a guaranteed £80. at 1/5 odss a place. The placepot return would probably be less due to the favourites included in the winning pool. If they all won you would be looking at £30,952 but the placepot return would be the same i.e. less than £80.

    Lets look at the placepot.

    You are restricted to a single meeting so from specified six races at one meeting have to select at least six horses one from each race that will win or be placed. You can cover several horses in each race but this vastly increases your stake. If they all win you get diddly squat more than if they were all placed. The POT after the TOTE has taken their 27% is divided between the number of winners. So if the pot is £50,000, which is quite high for a normal day but meetings like Royal Ascot and Cheltenham will be well over £200,000, you deduct the 27% then divide the remaining pool between the number of winners. Todays main meeting was at Carlisle and they had a pool of £56,326 divided between 490 winning units. The division before the 27% deduction would have been about £115. The actual dividend was £83.80.

    This was a good dividend but only one fav and one joint fav were placed. If you had a bet covering three races with two horses and three races with one horse you would need eight bets at one pound returning £83.80, about 9.5/1 and that is if you had avoided the four losing favourites and one losing joint fav..

    Now lets look at an alternative bet.
    1 You choose what ever race you want at any meeting. Preferably races with around ten runners to prevent ew places being reduced due to non runners. You should also look for races with an odds on favourite. Not to back it, but to ensure that the odds that you get for your horse are increased.

    2 You get full win odds payment if all horses win rather than place.

    3 You can have saver bets on five or less winners/placed horses.

    4 If the whole country backs the same horses as you in an ew acc your odds will not be affected, except for the starting price adjustments as the bookies panic.

    The drawbacks are that

    1 you cannot cover hundreds of bets at 1p hoping for a no favourite day and massive payout.
    2 You have to back ew so in effect are covering the win and place bets similarly to doing the jackpot and placepot but NOT at one single meeting.

    Other tips/Common sense.

    1 Look at races as if you were looking for the winner rather than for a horse that maybe in the first three.
    2 Always consider the favourite unless it has never won in the grade or at the course or distance.
    3 Concentrate on the best races at each meeting as these are the ones that should run to form
    4 Look for horses with consistent placed form or which are improving.
    5 Look for the best two or three trainers in the race
    6 Look for trainers with a good record at that meeting
    7 Look for the best two or three jockeys in the race
    8 Look for jockeys with a good record at that meeting
    9 Look for Course and Distance winners
    10 Favour those at the top of the handicap
    11 Favour those with the best draws
    12 Here is one I HATE but Favour those in the first 3-5 in the betting.
    13 Be aware of joint favs if you cover the unnamed fav.
    14 Increase the number of horses in later races as if the first or second one loses you can back the remaining again horses in smaller perms but you have more alternatives in later races.

    Today Thursday 24 June my six races are

    Newcastle 4.20 3
    Newmarket 2.25 10
    Nottingham 2.10 5, 7
    Nott 3.20 1
    Nott 4.30 2, 13
    Leics 5.45 1. 5

    8 x 50p ew accs = £8

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