Mullins domination, Hardy Eustace, and Caldwell Potter cost how much!!??

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The World of Sport
Mullins domination, Hardy Eustace, and Caldwell Potter cost how much!!??

Racing is decimated this weekend so we’ve just had a racing chat, trying to put the world to rights and having a laugh.

Topics include the domination of Willie Mullins in Ireland. Is it strangling the game as suggested by a small breeder over there in today’s Racing Post?

How tough was Hardy Eustace, a Champion when we had double figure fields in the Champion Hurdle and why do you think they paid that ridiculous sum of money for a hurdler, that has no value at stud once he finished racing? More money than sense?

No selections this weekend because two meeting have been abandoned and heavy….very heavy….ground at Newbury already has non-runners flying in!

  1. Willie Mullins – is he REALLY the punters friend?

I doubt he actually sets out to be. You worked out the other day how much profit you would have got backing all of his last weekend.

I imagine that figure would apply to every year the DRF has been run….since 2018….and he has won 47 of the 105 races in those intervening years.

To my mind, the situation is farcical and as much as we moan and groan about racing here, at least it’s a bit more competitive than over there!

I mentioned to you this morning about the letter a small breeder had written to the Racing Post, and his concerns for people like himself, the smaller trainers, and those jockeys that never get on anything remotely decent.

  •  Farewell to Hardy Eustace – a horse from the days when the Champion Hurdle was competitive

Couldn’t have put it better myself! A proper Cheltenham horse, too. Won what I think would be the Ballymore in 2003, went back there in 2004 and beat old ROOSTER BOOSTER in a photo finish, and I’d put him up on a racing chat room back then @ 33/1….and then returned in 2005 to beat that rogue HARCHIBALD, again in a photo finish, then rocked up 12 months later to finish third to BRAVE INCA, when 18 went to post.

Be lucky if we see five lining up this year.

  • 3)    Caldwell Potter for 740,000 Euros – is it any wonder the cries of “not enough prize money” fall on deaf ears?

At least we learned the Irish players ceiling! I believe Gordon Elliott was gutted to lose this one.

I think I saw a league table last week that said this horse is the highest rated novice either side of the Irish Sea and a syndicate of millionaires has decide to go for it.

As we know, money is no guarantee of success. I’ve seen a million pigeon catchers on the gallops flop on the track.

I remember JP buying GARDE CHAMPETRE for 530,000gns back in 2004. He was sent to Jonjo and after his first piece of work at Jonjo O’Neills, after Nicholls got shut, the work rider got off and said, “he paid how much for this thing? He’s useless!”….Jonjo said that whatever he did, he didn’t say that in front of JP.

Jonjo never got a win out of him, he was sent to Enda Bolger who sent him straight over a cheese wedge!

  • 4)    “On the whole, racing has always done better under a Labour government” – James Bethell this week – but is there any evidence to back up that assumption, or is the very thought a road to racing’s ruin?

I don’t know what he is basing that comment on….might be worth an ask and if he has facts and figures to back it up, great.

Thing is, we’ve had about 70 years of Conservative government in the last 100 years and look at the state of racing today. We’ve seen the greatest decline in British racing in the last 20+ years, and who has been in Government for the last 14 of those? Labour couldn’t do much worse and the plain fact is, racing is not a concern to any of the major parties, in my humble opinion.

Racing must look to itself for solutions….and everyone knows the root cause, and how to fix it. Whilst there is no will to do it, we’ll just keep on moaning every week in a Podcast

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